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  1. You know... I saw everyone raving about CITW's bass and I bought it and watched it twice but other than chapter 17 nothing really stood out to me as all that great. It was well mixed, the content matched the film and the bass went low, it's just not anything I would consider demo worthy. Not enough level to be in the upper echelon of bass movies. The measurements confirm exactly what I was thinking. I do like the movie though. I got some good laughs out of it.
  2. MTX 9515-44 This heavy duty 15" driver is relatively quiet through the first 40mm peak to peak before the mechanical clatter of operation starts to increase. There is no pole or under gap venting on this motor so all of the air movement produced by the large 4" voice coil comes out at the top of the gap and from under the spider landing. The frame has screens in it as well to prevent debris from entering the gap. This produces some pumping air sounds from this area at high excursion. The driver was driven to a little past 65mm peak to peak where the amplifier channel ran out of pow
  3. TC LMS ULTRA 5400 This driver is really clean and quiet through the first 50mm peak to peak of excursion but picks up some surround and motor air noise from there. At about 70mm peak to peak the cone starts tapping into the spider landing which limits the excursion. This can be seen and heard at the end of the video. The surround is starting to reach it's limit as well by this point. The motor and spider system seem capable of supporting much more if not limited by these mechanical clearances.
  4. The one time that I ever heard a Shiva I was impressed and so were a lot of other people there. 8 of them should make a really nice system.
  5. It has but I haven't set it to "public" yet. I will try to finish it up today. EDit: Done!
  6. Max save excel graphs as .png graphics files. They always look sharper than .bmp or .jpeg for some reason. You can get some decent looking things out of excel but plan on messing with the format of the graph for awhile until it finally starts to look good.
  7. Dayton Audio RS-18HO This low cost 18" driver has an xmax rating of 12.75mm but the xmech is about 32mm inwards which the suspension system will support. The motor will push the assembly that far as well. excursion noise through the first 25-32mm peak to peak is impressively quiet. Past about 35mm peak to peak the driver starts to make more noise as the air through the motor starts to chuff and distortion increases as the suspension and motor get increasingly non linear. peak to peak excursion of a little over 50-55mm are possible but excursion of about 40mm peak to pe
  8. Agreed...They are kicking ass. The header thing that Dave put together is nice. It would be extra cool if they could somehow get the peak and avg chart into Dave's template.
  9. Again really great stuff guys. Linear scale it is. Thanks for the info on the channel routing. The peak graph should still be used we just need to let people know that it does not necessarily mean one movie is louder overall than another.
  10. How does everyone feel about the charts having a linear frequency axis? I would prefer logarithmic that gives equal weight to each octave. I would still give it to TIH. The average shows TIH having more bass overall. Also below 20Hz there is no comparison. Thor does have some crazy peak events but a lot of them are above 100Hz. I would suspect that the wider bandwidth events are in TIH where they are much more narrow frequency bands in Thor so while the line gets pushed much higher due to a narrow band event the actual total signal strength of these events may not be much different. A
  11. Awesome stuff Max. Is there an export function out of SL? Never knew that if so...Looks like you are importing this into Excel or OO? Anyway really cool. Make sure that you do the movie 9 if you get a chance. I don't think it will best some of the super heavyweights but i expect it will earn it's 5 stars. Another good one would be The Hurt Locker. BTW I brought the attachments limit to Kyle's attention last night. He is going to look into it when he gets a chance (He is closing on a new home so you know how that is. Might take a few days.) Sorry about that. We will get it fixed.
  12. I asked Kyle but he hasn't gotten back to me on this. I am stuck with the same problem myself. I will contact him again.
  13. Hmmm. Not sure what is up there. Its on the video. Now the Dayton video i just uploaded is cutting out about 30 seconds in as well. The audio isn't even lined up right either.
  14. Stereo Integrity HT-18D2 This incredibly cheap 18" driver has an xmax rating of 20mm one way. Physical pushing in of the cone until the former touches the backplate indicates that the xmech is around 32-35mm or so. the driver is clean and noise free up through the initial 25mm peak to peak of excursion but starts to make some air noise through the motor and suspension noise past that point. The operating noise increases until by 45mm peak to peak it has grown quite loud. 50mm peak to peak or a little more will not cause damage but is getting close to hard bottom. The 20mm xma
  15. Awesome stuff guys...I like what you have going there Max. Hopefully I will be able to contribute at some point but I don't know when that will be. It was nice to meet you today Larry and Dominguez1 as well. I hope you enjoy the sub. Again if you have any questions or problems hit me up. Don't forget to take the handles off.
  16. Objectively it would be nice if the ratings could involve the peak and average hold graph. Average would give a look at how much total bass is in the movie and the peak gives a look at how loud it maxes out at. Extension should be looked at as well. Also the best 3 or 4 demo type parts should be charted.
  17. That sounds like it should work. I am doing essentially the same thing. I just don't have Soho's disc. Matter of fact I haven't heard from him in a long time now. I like by octave.
  18. NOT CURRENTLY FOR SALE! 3 LMS Ultra 5400's.
  19. BTW back when I messed with SL last I was setting it up to clip at what would be the worst case scenario for 5.1 of 123.5dB (rounding up a bit) You will never see this signal but it ensures that you don't hit that one movie where all of a sudden you have to readjust everything. The way i went about this was to use the pink noise calibration from my receiver run into SL and knowing it was -48.5dB from the hottest signal that could be seen or 75dB. Just leave yourself 50dB of headroom from the pink noise and you know you will never run into clipping. You will have to factor in what your normal v
  20. Dave, You got me. I am NOT the guy to ask about any of the internet or website stuff. That would be Kyle. Kyle see Dave's question about the image coding,etc.
  21. Dave you make a really good point. Things need to be standardized and relative for easy comparison. Otherwise it becomes a nightmare to decipher. Sure there will be bitching about what the standard is or could or should be, but that is expected. As long as it all is the same at least easy comparisons can be made and things are relative. I like the template from CITW above. IMO the spectrum window, input waveform and peak and long term graphs are all good information. It would be great to have the total average and peak results from each movie along with detailed captures from the top 3 or
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