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  1. FYI, when Guitar Center or Musicians Friends runs a 15% off (which seems to be regularly) you can use it on a CV 5000...it'll tell you that you can't but then you get the option to chat with a representative and they'll give you an alternate code. Amp will be here next week, but I've never owned a Marathon to be able to make any comparisons. I'll eventually try a clone I imagine, but it wasn't the right choice for me right now.
  2. My suggestions would've been (some already mentioned): Underworld: Awakening Cloverfield Titan AE (dvd) Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief Pulse The Haunting (dvd, DTS-ES version) Serenity LotR EE Inception Horton Hears a Who Live Free or Die Hard Master and Commander (maybe just the opening fight scene, probably a good blu-ray vs DVD comparison) I made a Google Docs spreadsheet, I thought it might be interesting just to be able to see a full list and bar graph of the movies that have been done. I imagine something like this will be possible (in a better form) at some point, but I wanted to see it anyway so I'll share Spreadsheet. Note that editing is allowed so that people can sort or whatever, so be careful with that. The first tab is a list with a link to the post where Max gives the details. The second and third tabs are bar graphs of the Levels and Dynamics, they'll be sorted in whatever order you have the bar graph. The fourth tab is just some stuff I was screwing around with, making the ratings more granular and scaling them vs the top and bottom in a given category..it currently means nothing. Max, you didn't actually post the numerical value for Sin City for dynamics and extension, do you have those? Finally, Max, I'd like to investigate doing full peak-average charts, some of these movies I have and you wouldn't have to Netflix or whatever, but I don't have the requisite confidence in my current graphs/settings. Do you think that you could take a known scene, preferably one with decent dynamics and extension and graph it? Something just a minute or a couple minutes long would be great. Something like Bosso has done with his reference WotW Lightning scene is what I'm thinking of. It's been said several times, awesome work guys.
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