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  1. maxmercy-Please list your top 10 movies on Blu-ray for 2019 with the deepest and most powerful bass.
  2. Why do the studios find it necessary to filter the bass on Blu-ray releases? Are they totally unaware of the capabilities of the Blu-ray format?
  3. Have you guys heard about the Sensual Sound Technology, on the upcoming Apocalypse Now 4K UHD Blu-ray release? https://en.soundlightup.com/news/meyer-sound-provides-sensual-sound-technology-for-apocalypse-now-final-cut-at-tribeca-film-festival-premiere.html https://www.blu-ray.com/news/?id=25025
  4. Did you notice sound coming from the overhead channels, during scenes with ships flying front to back, or back to front? Even though Dolby Atmos has been around for a while, it still seems that most mixers are reluctant to use the ceiling channels. Hopefully, this film was remixed for Blu-ray at Skywalker Sound.
  5. Actually, the Crowson transducers will extend all the way down to 1Hz. I have two positioned underneath the rear feet of my sofa (MLP).
  6. Wouldn't folks be better off buying ported, rather than sealed subs for there HT? Since most flicks today don't have much to offer, down into single digit territory.
  7. Wonder if the newly remastered DTS:X soundtrack, on the Battleship 4K UHD Blu-ray, has better bass than the previous Blu-ray release?
  8. Where do you have the "intensity level" set at on your Crowson D-150 amp? I have mine set at "4." Also have you watched WoW with the Crowson's in place?
  9. Thanks! I have the 3D version arriving tomorrow from Amazon. Blind buy for me. Looking forward to watching this projected to 120" in my HT. I will have my Crowson Level 2 Transducer System switched on. Should be interesting.
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