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  1. This will get you to the first new post since your last visit: http://data-bass.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/12-the-low-frequency-content-thread-films-games-music-etc/?view=getnewpost
  2. Saw a prescreening of The Croods last night. Seeing it in a vanilla theater it's hard to know for sure, but I think there may be some good extension in it. Randy Thom is the supervising sound editor so it looks promising.
  3. Just watched The Bourne Legacy and to my ears it may be worth charting. Pretty decent movie as well.
  4. Everyone's hard work here is greatly appreciated! Bosso, hope you can just ignore the idiots and continue to post. My suggestion: just make this thread private so you have to be a member to read it or post to it. If the riff raff can't read it they can't post or bogart graphs. If they register and then misbehave they get banned. Should make everyones life here a whole lot simpler.
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