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  1. Yeah like I said, I've heard both the DTSHD and Atmos tracks and there's no part in the movie where I think the LFE would have been up above the -5dB section on the graph. I mean in FOTP - that level at 32Hz is friggin scary in my house, there was no part in Ad Astra where I was worried about popping a window out of it's tracks like I do during the barrel roll in FOTP lol
  2. The graph posted above for Ad Astra looks very different to the one posted on AVS forum . I've watched the movie at home, and the levels for the AVS graph look more realistic, the other graph makes it look like the bass would be brutally loud (unless I'm misreading the graph from HD Digest??) Just by looking that graph, it should be up there with Flight of The Phoenix bass-wise (it isn't) AVS forum Ad Astra graph HD Digest Ad Astra Graph Data-bass FOTP graph ????
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