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  1. It happens, they were down to $422 April 2018 on Amazon and I bought them. The price immediately went back up after I purchased the couple that were available.
  2. 5 Sheets of 18mm and 1 Sheet of 12mm was enough for TWO Skrams cnc'ed. Sheet 1 - 18mm: Sheet 2 - 18mm: Sheet 3 - 18mm: Enough driver panels for 6 subs... Sheet 4 - 12mm:
  3. Those were just my personal CNC files. Ricci had issues uploading his. File names won't match the PDF and sizes are going to be a bit different because of dados / rabbets. If you're cutting with a CNC, it does fit together with my files I'll put together an actual cutsheet DXF at some point.
  4. Set the document as metric when you import. Can export as IPS from Apsire if your CNC is setup for that.
  5. David is where I got mine from. Sorry about that huge order!
  6. They've been done but haven't had a chance to run them. Failing over here. Life has been busy
  7. I have ipals in the skhorns. The 152's were left over and sitting in a box.
  8. After your Skhorns started using these: If those spin you have a much bigger issue...
  9. @Ricci - driver bolting was actually quite easy on this one. My impact driver fit nicely under the brace and the handles aren't in the way of the bolts. I did not try putting the driver in with the handles already attached, but you should be able to do it.
  10. Tried some white duratex. Kind of cool. Two boxes are done. Driver fits! May put one more coat of duratex on. The white doesn't cover as well.
  11. Yes, the knobs are fully recessed. Worked out quite nicely.
  12. Lol, that is close. Did you have to cut anything to make it fit? The back mount ended up working nicely.
  13. Looks great! I have two all glued up and ready for round-overs + painting, but this weekend got away from me. Maybe tomorrow night.
  14. If it's sitting in a room, doesn't matter. Just cuts weight a bit.
  15. Got one all glued up. Second soon.
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