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  1. Our DIY subwoofer kits are now available!  

    As we were shooting to get Nathan to approve the design, we found that offering a flat pack did not allow the quality control that he needed to put his stamp of approval on the box. So now it has shifted to a raw box that is approximately 100L in volume, which has more benefits than just a raw box with a good design. These boxes are actually built by Nathan. So, you can assemble and finish your own Funk Audio box for a very reasonable price.

    Watch for periodic specials on these items. And keep in mind that our currency is now in CAD, which means that anyone purchasing from outside Canada gets to benefit from our horrid economy on the exchange.

    Thanks for reading.


  2. They are working on their marketing strategies now that there are more tools for growth (carrying the Focusworks line), however, each dealer is in charge of their own marketing strategies. Jon and the rest of the staff is excellent to deal with, they are multi-lingual, and well versed in high end auido. They certainly can field any and all inquiries as our representatives. As far as currencies are concerned, each dealer has the freedom to exercise discretion in this matter.

    The best course of action is to contact them and inquire via phone or email if you reside in their territory. 




    Does DB / @Ricci get commission? ;)



    HA. not from me. He might have to talk to Nathan Funk about that.  but seriously though, data-bass testing is by far the most comprehensive. i'd be a dummy if i didn't point to this site.  I've sat back in awe of what you guys can do, know, and understand for about 7 years now, and Im just feeling like Im getting it nailed down.  Then i visit a facebook group and suddenly im a genius!

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  4. Notice for all interested.



    Focusworks Audio has been purchased by Funk Audio.  The new company, Focusworks by Funk Audio, is the new umbrella under which all raw components are now sold. This change, along with a killer reputation, has brought on some growth (again), and now Nathan has to move to a larger facility.



    What this means for all of us is he has to clear shelves.  Please visit our site for discounted items.



     Thanks for reading.

  5. What are the differences for a .7q between the TSAD 18+21 and GUJ 18+21?


    I could simulate the two and compare but just wanted others to know if they were curious also.

    Here is what the manufacturers recommend.

    Sealed enclosure 0.7 Q, with recommended power to reach Xmax.


    GUJ18V1 150L 2000 watts

    TSAD18V1-R 100L 2000 watts (based on preliminary specs, subject to change)


    GUJ21V1 275L 2000 watts

    TSAD21V1 250L 1500 watts (based on preliminary specs, subject to change)

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  6. What are the differences for a .7q between the TSAD 18+21 and GUJ 18+21?


    I could simulate the two and compare but just wanted others to know if they were curious also.

    That is an excellent question and it will be answered. In order to give everyone a comprehensive view of these drivers and how they compare, we will be compiling recommended enclosure designs and sizes over the next few days.

    Keep an eye on our website and this thread for details.


    Thank you.

    The H.A.C.

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  7. Hello from The Harbottle Audio Co.
    We would like to take a minute to tell all of you good people that we are an authorized dealer for Funk Audio components and Focusworks Audio drivers. These drivers and amps that are gaining rapid awareness are now available to the public.
    Keep in touch for special offers and promotions.
    You can find us at www.harbottleaudio.com

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