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  1. Leons.

    HST18 / HS24

    Hello All, Sorry for the long radio silence.. work (as always) kept me from any progress on the cinema project. Last weekend however I finished all cabinets.. the 4 HS24 twins and the 4 LowMid clones. So the system was complete and it was finaly! time to fire it up.. I have no measuring equipment and no measuring skills.. so I try to describe the outcome in my own words. THE SYSTEM: left channel: 1x SKF + 1 x LM3 right channel: 1 x SFF + 1 x LM3 center channel: 2 x SKF + 2 x LM3 left surround: 1 x SKF + 1 x LM3 right surround: 1 x SKF + 1 x LM3 left rear surro
  2. COOL! how low exactly did you tune it? and... how loud? Did you also simulate a 4 driver IPal version tuned to the mid 20's? I would like to know how that would compare to other hig-end prosubs.. cost, size and juice be damned..
  3. Ricci, How would a max spl graph for this design look if the 4x21"Ipal version were to be tuned to 25Hz? L.
  4. Amazing! Josh you are pushing the envelope.. tought only Danley did that.. once more: super cool!!
  5. ULTRA COOL Josh!! I really wonder what is going on under the bonnet..
  6. Leons.

    HST18 / HS24

  7. Leons.

    HST18 / HS24

    Hello all, a little HS24twin upate from the lowlands.. As you can see on the pictures the cabs are black as hell. The port assembley's are also comletely black now (didn't have the time to pick them up yet) I initially wanted to let the aluminium parts in the port assembley's to remain in aluminium colour, but dicided later to murdere everything out.. Nick sent me some pictures yesterday, the second batch of 24's is ready to be shipped out.. see attached pics regarding power... As mentioned earlier in this thread I wanted to check out some PL380's and see if they would
  8. Leons.

    HST18 / HS24

    Hello all, Regarding stuffing.. I intend to use the HS24-twin cabs for the zero to 35Hz band only. Do you consider it necessary to stuff the cabinet? what would you do..? Thanks, Leon
  9. Leons.

    HST18 / HS24

    Yes I know... I had a flat tire on the trailer..
  10. Leons.

    HST18 / HS24

    finally off to the paintshop (with some help of my dad and brother), and the first coat applied. On top of the HS24 twins are 4 2x15" LowMid cabs, I needed some extra LowMid reinforcement I managed to build these along the way with the HS24 twin cabs (it is a reverse engineerd 2x15" design of Audio Performance LM3) I had a few original LM3 cabs already So the complete system will be: 4x HS24twin cabs for infra 4x LabSub for sub 6x LM3 for LowMid 8x Audio Performance SK-F as tops
  11. Leons.

    HST18 / HS24

    It was not the drivers that took more time than expected, the first batch was delivered fast. The second batch was ordered much later because I changed from a one driver per cab to a two driver per cab design. It was everyting together that took more time than I expected.. I have a basic pro audio background (music content) not cinema. I needed to gain some basic knowledge regarding: - super low extending subwoofers (this forum was a mentor in that) - I had to learn a little WinISD and Scetchup for the design of the "infra"subs - beamers - surround sound - acoustic treatment
  12. Leons.

    HST18 / HS24

    Looks great! I'll post a picture of all 8 together once this batch is over the ocean... Can't wait to fire the complete system up!.. so far I can only guess what the "single digits" will add.. I started this home-theater project last summer, same time as I started this thread (my first post is from july 2015) I planned for a half year but that turned out a bit optimistic. It wil be close to a year for the whole build.
  13. Leons.

    HST18 / HS24

    the 2 way convertible principle: * the speakers can be mounted on the small side or the large side * the cabinet can be converted from sealed to ported mode (the aluminium discs will be the port blocks) Although I think they will be mainly used sealed, but while I was at it... Next step is paint.. And then finally...
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