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  1. 23 hours ago, jay michael said:

    Have a bit of an interesting field use report for my Skrams. I recently added new processing to my system using an XTA DPA 100. It’s a pretty interesting 4 channel amp, which I am using to bi-amp my Danley sh46 cabs. It also featured 4 channels of output control to add processing to my slave sub amplifiers. I used the information within this XTA/MC2 document on limiters to set up protection on my sub amps. 


    using the chart within this document it says to set up the 21sw152 at 86.9 volts for limiting, minus 1db for safety margin. Having always been a little hesitant on knowing just how hard I can safely drive my Skrams I added a 2 wire thermocoupler temperature sensing system to 1 of the cabinets to monitor magnet temperature. 1 wire is mounted on the external circumference of the magnet, the other right next to the vent on the end of the magnet body. 

    last night I provided sound for a local dubstep crew, 7 hours of continuous deep sine wave bass. Peak volume was held for about the 3 final hours of the night, at maximum I was running about 2db down from where limiting would engage.  Monitoring throughout the night, magnet temperature peaked at 44 degrees Celsius. This was also in a packed sweaty room that was raining condensation from the roof. 

    pretty interesting to get some real Information about what the drivers are doing deep within the skram cabinets under real world conditions. I had previously come across a statement from Bennet Prescott who works with B&C saying that the 21sw152 can sustain 100 degrees magnet temperature without thermally damaging the coil. Previously I had been limiting these drivers to around 50 volts, it seems that in the Skram alignment we should be able to safely push them beyond that a bit without getting too much temperature build up. This of course may change for other types of music, I will continue to report back when I can speak to temps I’m seeing when doing other types of music shows. Data is beautiful. 

    Always a pleasure getting to flex these cabinets, in a town where double 18’s rule,  the Skrams are raisins eyebrows and making lots of new fans. 


    That’s great data man thank you! We’re you ever able to get a 2m GP Long Term test outdoors on these? 84v on a 4ohm 152 would be great! I think if I recall you got a 1m 1w sensitivity of 104 average some time ago. I’m doing some comparisons before I dive in the deep end of the Skram pool. 


    That’s a great rig. Indoors at a bar like that it must be just off the charts! 



  2. @Ricci Have you had a chance to do a ‘system’ eval on a Skram yet? I’ve sold my OSPro cadre during covid first more than I paid new with a plan to reinvest that capital and embarking on the Skram as a replacement in more multiples. I am very interested to see the comparative data points on Skram, Long Term sweeps, Burst, and Distortion levels. Most valuable to me is the Long Term 2000w output level at 2m GP, the 2010 #s would be valuable and interesting as well. My guess is with a SW152 or a Eminence it should be pretty darn close. It seems the Eminence is the driver of choice seconded by the SW152. TY

  3. Ok. Just found out that the SKHorn is dependent on the iPal in its entire design concept. Usually we think of a cab and then figure which driver would best suit it. in this case it seems its the other way around and if you want to use other drivers, see the Skram. 


    So, seems like I’ll be trying again to negotiate prices on iPals. The guy from VIP pretty much hung up on the Saturday so maybe I’ll try again on a weekday during business hours. He was clueless on what an iPal was. I think he just gave up to be honest and had better things to do. 

  4. Thanks. Good info. Ricci second to the ultimate k20 and iPal rig, what would be your second recommendation amp/driver combo for a bit more of an affordable build with max bang for the buck. 


    Thanks much. 


    Anyone have any recommendations on a supplier that can help with the cost of an iPal (qty of 4-8) if I went that direction? VIP?

  5. Hi Gang. After considering this monster I’m debating a driver. 

    The IPals unless I can get a vendor to slash the price is a non starter for me. 

    Would you all agree the next best is the Eminence NSW21? 


    Beyond that the DS and Lavoce are third in terms of performance by my analysis here. 

    In terms of most economical of output per dollar, would the Lavoce be the pick or the Eminence? My intended bandwidth is 35-100 with emphasis on kick drum (66-90hz)



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