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  1. Any Burst Output numbers to compare to SK and Skram? This is a great design without leaving much on the table for size.
  2. Ok. Just found out that the SKHorn is dependent on the iPal in its entire design concept. Usually we think of a cab and then figure which driver would best suit it. in this case it seems its the other way around and if you want to use other drivers, see the Skram. So, seems like I’ll be trying again to negotiate prices on iPals. The guy from VIP pretty much hung up on the Saturday so maybe I’ll try again on a weekday during business hours. He was clueless on what an iPal was. I think he just gave up to be honest and had better things to do.
  3. If iPals were no longer available in the marketplace (theoretically speaking) which current driver would you choose to run in the SKH?
  4. Thanks. Good info. Ricci second to the ultimate k20 and iPal rig, what would be your second recommendation amp/driver combo for a bit more of an affordable build with max bang for the buck. Thanks much. Anyone have any recommendations on a supplier that can help with the cost of an iPal (qty of 4-8) if I went that direction? VIP?
  5. Hi Gang. After considering this monster I’m debating a driver. The IPals unless I can get a vendor to slash the price is a non starter for me. Would you all agree the next best is the Eminence NSW21? Beyond that the DS and Lavoce are third in terms of performance by my analysis here. In terms of most economical of output per dollar, would the Lavoce be the pick or the Eminence? My intended bandwidth is 35-100 with emphasis on kick drum (66-90hz)
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