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  1. Probably Saturday if you're around.
  2. The unit is 2 separate amp modules, so both channels driven would have been the same power. With the 20hz rolloff, great amp to run the f20s with still I guess!
  3. Another super budget theater in the mix. Video- Sony VPL-VW50 sxrd projector 140 inch home built screen Audio- 2 lilmike cinema f20s loaded with mfw15 drivers 2 cerwin vega at-15 yamaha rx-a3000 mysterious cube amp purchased on craigslist (currently at luke's for bench testing) Upon interior inspection, seemed to have 100k uf capacitance on each channel so hoping for bigger numbers. Seating- Berkline power recliners x 9 and a 4 seat black leather couch.
  4. Maybe I'll have to bring the cube amp over.
  5. Great, now I just need something to power with it!
  6. Good, now we can see peavey numbers :-p
  7. Dropped my peavey cs-4080hz off for testing. Will see what happens!
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