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  1. Thanks for the reply maxmercy My nanoAVR is currently sitting in it's box unused as I purchased a miniDSP DDRC-88a not long after. Will there be any issues running both? I guess I'll download the latest nanoAVR plugin and have a play see if I can figure it out Thanks Edit Think I've got the hang of it..... as usual probably me making things more complicated than they need to be. For the BEQ of Avengers AOU as listed above I opened up the nanoAVR plugin and went to outputs and then input each channel's setting as listed into the PEQ option using a new band for each listed adjustment then set the gain for each channel to 4db. Is that correct?
  2. Great thread... appreciate the hard work that has gone into producing the corrections I would like to try some of the newer films that have had corrections listed. Can I please ask (sorry if really basic question but I'm relatively new to this) how does one go about generate the filters or xml file for the films? Is there a tutorial / walk through somewhere I could read / follow? I have a nanoAVR HD and have downloaded the All-digital-coefs v1.2 but am lost as what to do after that. Any help is gratefully received
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