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  1. The numbers currently on the PB16's page are 95mm peak to peak Xmech and 82mm Xmax:
  2. Thanks for the good work Josh. Only comment is that it kind of raises the question again about the FV15HP. With the bigger amp and driver, one might reasonably expect the F18 to have at least a modest output advantage where the port isn't contributing, but the old FV15HP with both ports open meets or exceeds it's newer sealed sibling at every point until below port tune. Without knowing more details about the F18 driver, it's obviously possible...just interesting.
  3. A new addition for my space, Nathan's new 21.0LX, based on the UH21 driver.
  4. Thanks! Like most, it's been a work in progress. Here's a shot of the humble beginnings (same room too)...
  5. Thanks Josh. I mostly hang around AH (I'm one of the mods there), though I venture over to AVS from time to time. Re: the Funk, it's definitely a top shelf performer in my book, and on the plus side it's a lot smaller than my old PB13. I'm actually getting a new cabinet from Nathan to better match the KEFs; after that, I plan to refinish the old cab with the help of a friend, and ultimately shoot for duals.
  6. Hi all, I'm new to the DB forums (though a long time reader), so I figured I'd say hello by posting here. My system is relatively tame by the standards here, but minor detail: Mains: KEF R500 Center: KEF R200c Surrounds: KEF Q800ds Sub: Funk 18.0SE Pre/Pro: Emotiva UMC-200 Amp: Outlaw 7125
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