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  1. On 11/28/2018 at 2:29 PM, minnjd said:



    Mission Impossible Fallout.  Looks like a killer.

    I checked this out last night: a very good mix. It seemed to closely resemble the franchise's previous offering: Rogue Nation. Very little clipping from what I could hear with moderately loud levels and very good extension. There were several moments when I felt tingles in my head due to the bass pressure. The lightning strike was the biggest hit for me personally. A highly recommended purchase.

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  2. Hello, everyone.

    Just thought that you all deserved some clarity on the issue. This recent spate of comments that I left were done during a short phase of ill health (a psychologically manic phase that lasted for one day only) and that now that I am almost completely healthy (and explained what has happened) that I would provide some encouragement to you all. I am fine.

    I apologise for any distress or confusion that my comments may or did cause to anyone viewing this forum. Please forgive me if they did.

    As for The Lion King, well... hahahaha. I think that the trailer is almost perfectly constructed and that it will be an enjoyable film to experience, however I will; not go to London to see it, pop into the local to view it and that probably buy it on BD and BEQ it.

    Thanks everyone who read and will read this. I hope that all of you have a good day. Cheers.

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  3. Definitely going to see Mowgli and The Lion King at the Waterloo BFI Imax cinema in London when they come out. It has the biggest screen in the UK and from what I've personally heard (literally, when I saw Jurassic World there!) the best sound system in Britain. They use massive 18" ported subs of course (flat to 20hz with everything below filtered out) but at least they actually playback the LFE channel and the bass content in the front channels. Every other cinema south-east of London where I live do not have subwoofers for the LFE channel, nor do they have adequate bass response from the front channels. As for the surrounds, they usually have JBL 8340s which can do minus 10dbc at 40hz but no bass management with extra subs as per Dolby Atmos specs I'm afraid. Besides, I purchased four JBL 8330s simply for the novelty factor of actually owning real cinema speakers, and I would not recommend buying cinema surrounds. Cinema front speakers aren't too bad though as long as they are bass managed.

    End of rant.

  4. John Wick Chapter 2 anyone? I checked it out last night and it was pretty damn good! Not much in the way of sub 20hz effects, however the gunshots and music had excellent slam and volume. Also, I think that it is a better and more enjoyable film than the first and one the best action films period. I would definitely recommend checking it out to any bass heads or fans of action movies in general :)


  5. On 11/11/2018 at 8:35 AM, SME said:

    So I watched "Black Panther" finally.  I played the BD 7.1 at "-1" (!), and my Denon did not indicate any dialnorm compensation was applied.

    I have to agree that this soundtrack has serious deficiencies caused by excessive and/or mis-configured dynamics processing.  It was bad.  It seemed worse than the dynamics of old analog TV.  Not only were macro-dynamics largely eliminated but the compressor attack seemed to act immediately and aggressively on transiently loud sounds such as gun shots.  IMO, the consequences were wide and substantially degrading to the viewing experience.  The experience was passive and uninvolving.  The on-screen action and actors seemed trivial and insignificant. 

    It wasn't just special effects that were harm but also the score, dialog, ambiance, etc.  The scoring involving live acoustic instruments (vs. the pop / hip-hop style music) sounded completely unnatural and irritating to listen to because of the pumping effects.  In one scene, dialog alternated between a few key characters and a large crowd, both of which were rendered equally loud but of course this made the crowd sound very whimpy, and the aggressive compression really muddied their voices together.  It really broke the immersion.  The acting seemed quite forced throughout the movie, but I could also tell that the dialog completely lacked the dynamics which may play a big part in conveying passion and emotion.

    The weird thing is that even if this aggressive compression was done on purpose, perhaps to optimize for hand-held devices in high noise environments, the level of the track was extremely low.  I basically had to turn things up to cinema reference level to get sound that still wasn't that loud.  That's a huge amount of gain as far as hand-helds go.  On most if not all such devices, this track would be difficult to hear even with the volume at max. 

    Oddly enough though, it had some decent bass in a few places, particularly in some of the quieter scenes where there wasn't as much mid/high frequency content to compete against.  The tonal balance was actually quite nice, and I experienced a surprising amount of ULF with rather strong tactile effect.  A lot of ULF just makes the windows rattle and maybe shakes the floor a bit, but this was felt quite strongly in the chest area.  I believe the presence of higher harmonic frequencies with good balance all the way up essential for this sensation.  The ULF itself makes the least contribution to the sensation but helps fill it out and make it more real and present.  It's just too bad that the good bass was totally missing from a lot of transient effects.

    Anyway, I have a hard time believing that the problems with this soundtrack were intentional.  It's certainly possible that people misjudged the quality of the track because they were too tired or something.  Or maybe people were just rushed.  Maybe mistakes were made that were to difficult to correct.  Still, this is bad enough that I think it'd be reasonable to ask for a correction and recall.  I didn't buy this film, and have no interest in doing so after what I experienced.

    Still, I hope this isn't an example of Disney's future.  I thought some of the Pixar films like "Coco", "Inside Out", and "Finding Dory" were fine as far as dynamics were concerned.  They might have been pulled back a bit compared to typical cinema tracks, but I kind of expect that with kids movies.  And anyway they still were *way more dynamic* than "Black Panther".

    Edit: Just to clarify with my opinions regard to discussion in some of the recent posts:  I thought "Black Panther" and "The Last Jedi" were kind of at opposite ends of sound quality and performance.  TLJ had very nice dynamics, it just needs high master volume to get things nice and loud.  BP is about the same average loudness as TLJ was (7.1 at least) but had practically no dynamics at all, for which there's no real cure.  BP really looks like a QC error as does the Thor:Ragnorok Atmos track which apparent has severe compression but only for the first half.  I hope it's just these two, but I guess I'll find out how Avengers 3 is.

    Absolutely agree here, Avengers Infinity War also seemed to be lacking about ten decibels in dynamic range, whilst also having fairly quiet dialogue and being sharply filtered. Disappointing...  

  6. https://www.avforums.com/review/saving-private-ryan-dts-edition-2-disc-dvd-review.1513


     the DTS track here reveals itself to be more aggressive than it's Dolby counterpart: LFE in the many battle scenes has more extension, with the effect of it feeling “punchier”, extending those couple of extra hertz lower.


    Not sure about the veracity of this source but it seems to indicate that the track is less filtered. It's got to be better than the crap 22hz extension on the BD!

  7. Can't find any details, I would guess Speclab? But I guess their methodology must be different since they give LOTR 1 and 3 five stars and Iron Man four and a half! Madness!


    Apart from 1 or 2 hits in the final battle, the only decent ULF portion in JW was when the jeep crashes through a gate hahaha! You have massive dinosaurs on screen and the only strong stuff is used on a jeep! Shocking...

  8. I have graphed Akira, both English and Japanese mixes.  They are completely different, I'll pull it up when I have a chance.


    PI, I will leave it as is, just for the sake of continuity.




    Do you have those graphs? It would be very interesting to see those. The Jp track seems to be completely infrasonic and perhaps a little low in level in terms of bass, probably to match the ultra high frequency content above 20khz, though the sound mixer never mentioned the bass when he described the 'Hypersonic Effect' on the disc! He missed a real treat there as Infrasonic bass causes greater physiological changes/reactions in humans as opposed to ultrasonic high frequencies since infrasonics are produced during earthquakes and in the roars of lions and tigers which really get the heart racing!  

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