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  1. It was for me but Recall was more 'action' oriented ie more of it for longer periods of time. Both are equally good for thier storylines. imho
  2. Watching Dredd last night I noticed I wasn't getting 7.1. I had to switch from PCM to Bit stream on my player for 7.1. Is this normal, I assumed PCM and Bit Stream would have been the same.
  3. Max, I was going to comment on the sound track but noticed you mentioned it just as I was hitting 'quote' lol. It was such a bad sounding track and lacking in definition, it almost sucked having to listen to it. (imho) Of course don't say that on AVS, I tried but a quite a few people thought it sounded great. Go figure.
  4. Sounds right to me if you're basing it on the story, Audio/Visual it's a blind buy. I'm going to add it to my collection because audio/visual is darn good. The story was just ok for me but it's worth another watch imho.
  5. Marc, I also enjoy your posts. No doubt we are a very tiny group vs the rest of the population even though we are likely the most interested. I don't know the dollars and cents of it, would it really add that much more cost to the project to work with those last few Hz? I suppose it's time and money and the lion share of production is 120-20hz. I'm curious just how much more days/cost it might be. Jim
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