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  1. As it turns out Ricci, the fact that the joint point of the driver is too small and the long term pressures and acceleration are to high for the diaphragm materials, they keep braking in use because the producers are not developing their own specific membrane to suit their application.

    I have this information from a sure source now so this is not only a speculation anymore.

  2. Looks like it's probably a 4th order bandpass with a bit of shaping and flaring to the front vent unless there's entry from a secondary somewhere into the mouth behind that grill.


    Interesting that there were reports of subs having thermal protection issues. Those drivers are seriously low impedance. The average is much higher than normal due to the extremely large impedance peak but near the minimums like in a vented cab it will still be very low and that has to be difficult for an amp to dump current into a 0.5 ohm load especially if the content has a repeating note near a minimum.

    This is how the STS M-sub looks like without grille


  3. Yes , I like it a lot. The driver is backwards and stuck to the grill to increase cooling.I simmed it and it can get 142 dB în HR from 31 hz with only band pass filter and 3 PEQ entered.Quite easy to set it. port particle velocity at 50 m/s so not bad.at the mouth it will go to about 28 m/s and that will act as an efficient cooling method. The efficiency is very high, more than 12% from 33 hz up in singles

  4. I have good internet connection :)) best in Europe for sure (1Gbps connection for 10$ a month via fiber optics ;))

    Yes, Bassboss is BassMaxx renamed because that was a trademark so he couldn't use the name anymore. His approach for using BR for 22-60 hz and Horns for 40-100 with an excellent integration is very similar to a bandpass horn approach.

  5. Another brand that I know off of using this design principle (except KV2 ) is Traktion Sound , a small company with some interesting looking subs and speakers.


    They have a separated sub for 30-40 hz with dual 21", probably very efficient in the pass band and another for the rest of the range ,smaller with dual 18".that is probably a very good approach for best efficiency.


  6. How the hell I missed this thread? Daaamn! I am working at some Bandpass subs and as you know they are the best option with good drivers now. I think I have simed more then 2000 iterations with all drivers possible from the worst to the best, to the impossible :))

    Band-pass horn in Othorn dimensions on the market ALERT!


    About 2 db less than the othorn though.

    I would probably not try to have the smallest enclosure and go for larger cab, ports and horn to get most of the drivers and amp there because they cost much more  than wood and food for the people that carries it :)) probably 50*40*25 or something.

  7. Something new and cool about room acoustics simulations.

    “This paper will present and discuss diffusion and the many problems with trying to measure it, displaying the data and using this data in ways that allow us to better predict room responses. We will quickly discuss prior standards, their strengths and weaknesses and how a new proposed ASTM standard will correct those weaknesses. We will show that methods used in other areas of acoustics and electro-acoustics can be used to measure diffusion and display it in ways that allow directivity, magnitude, and phase to be displayed. These data sets can then be used in simulation programs, such as EASE. Odeon and CATT Acoustics, to better predict room responses for use in the design of rooms. We will present examples of those uses and the advantages in these proposals."

    From ProSoundNetwork





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  8. I know this is a DIY project and most of the satisfaction and value of the speakers is in the designing and building process. But for 5000$ for a pair of square speakers with a limited output and connections why not go to the market's best bookshelf speakers ever made: Devialet Phantom Gold?

    Fully digital,with wireless transmission,optical input, fancy remote, very very stable connection.

    The bass drivers are low impedance with a tech similar to IPal, the amps and power source are much beafier the the Ice modules, you get 103 dB at 45 hz from a pair in room at 2 meters, it looks really nice. The drivers have about 13 mm xmax and 16 mm xvar.the mids and tweeters are coaxial, proprietary design.

    The graphs are measurements in room at 1 meter made by a guy on the devialet forum.

    I have sold a bunch of these. I had Beolab 90 in our shop and on moderate levels one could hear no big difference.

    Again, I love DIY but it has to offer a much bigger performance/value to worth the headache




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