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  1. No, it is all-pass. But the sub is at 3 meters from the ground and there is a glass wall behind the subwoofer. Also, a part of the ceilling is made from drywall so there is a big loss in low frequency but it is a small space so there is lots of headroom to spare. And I found out that the 53 Hz peak is from a vent hole resonance and the thing is that there are two exactly in the same position from both subs.
  2. So, after spending some time with both the Danley TH118 and the xoc1 th18, I can say that there is no major difference between them. Only one dB more from Danley before it starts to distort badly, but I couldn't hear the difference. Here are the measurements taken close mic, in the exactly the same position, on the wall bracket, inside the pub.
  3. Hello,I have a problem with it. Try to put only two pieces instead 3 because I have a big hump at 53 Hz yhat I belive it is from that cone correction.fs at 35Hz and more than 1 dB sensityvity bellow TH118. So it is not that close.. IT IS possible that I made a mistake when building it. I will take some measurements after the Easter camparing the original with this one
  4. We should ask sine123, he has more info. He told me that they had been thermalling that night. For now there is no info about them on their site. They will officialy launch it in about a month.
  5. Right on topic, Funktion One will soon release a FLH with single driver using the M-Force motor and a custom made 32" diaphragm and it will be BIG In the presentation of the "novel approach" the bandpass enclosure reached around 145 dB from a single enclosure with single driver. I am curious what did F1 manage to squeeze from it. And I bet it has a very high compression rate.
  6. Yes, the I was thinking to use the M-drive module for both drivers. The wood is a bit expensive here to but I managed to find a guy who knows a guy who knows another..you Know so I can get a 5*5 BB/CP ply for 30$. As for starting to build the Giant Sub, I will wayt until someone take's the bait and gives me the funds to try this sort of projects. Now I will post some measurements I made with REW for the subs This are the two subs with 2 Arcline 6 from void at 4 meters on axis (near the bar where most people stay) Xoc1 left side 1 meter Xoc 1 right side 1 meter Sub has 29 hz 18dB/oct HP BW and 48dB/oct 100 hz LP
  7. 153 aprox, including power compression from 32 Hz up But damn, it's expensive :-/
  8. Single with dual 21Ipal. I am a Powersoft dealer so with some effort I could get the Ipal at the same price as the MRSP od the 21SW152. But i had to slightly twitch the Re of the driver to get a more linear response.I have to learn Akabak to sim this box because it will be expensive and I don't want to funk it up ;)plus the DPC from Powersoft . I have to learn a lot ... I've just compared the two th18 with 2 nexo ps15 and i can say that they really sound the same. Mine were used on a btidged powersoft K6 in paralel 4 Ohms and the nexos with NXamp4*4, one per ch. Mine seemed to have more directivity and was shakind things more at 31 hz. I couldn't take measurements at high SPLs vecause mi mic starts clipping at 112 dB...
  9. Yes, it really is the going thing. Modifiing the parameters of the drivers, I managed to squeeze some serious SPL from a single enclosure and a devastating power from 4. I hope I will get this project approved, because the client want's either 16 QSC GP218 with 8 PL380 (around 55000 Euros incl. taxes) or 4 of mine active which will cost him a little more than half of that and will need a much smaller power generator for them, also. Single large FLH with 34 hz, 3 order BW at xmax with around 8KW/driver 4 pieces 31hz, 24dB/oct BW at x-max, around 7Kw/driver 16 QSC GP-218 with 1400 watt/ driver at xmax
  10. Next will be the Othorn and then (at least a year from now) I will try one of my own, an extremely big one(60*60*32), 29 hz tune, with 2 21Ipal and one M-Drive, two alluminum heathsinks for the divers chambers. I hope I will get the funds for this one.
  11. So, I've built a pair of Xoc's TH18 with 18Sw115 and damn, they are cool. I installed them for two months in a bar where I will finally put a pair of Danley Th118 so I will be able to compare them directly in the same positions. I have already the wood for one Othorn but I dont have the time and also I have to wait 1.5 months for the 21Sw152 driver to be available here.
  12. Also, I am playing with HR and I want to see what could I get from using a 21SW152 in a TH the size of Gh. In fact it will be 48*48*24 inches made for permanent instals And I was thinking at a simple layout, like the KS. I was thinking for it to have the same extension as Othorn or less at around 30 Hz. But I am just staring to learn to use HR so it is hard for me to really get it done.
  13. I know it is imposible to say what one wants. Now lets think. I will use 2 subs with 2 tops made with 2 B&C 15 coax with mostly dance music indoors in a small place. I will build for sure a pair of Othorns until summer but for now I have to build something that i will use with one INuke 6000. So I am mostly inclined to do a pair of keystones. But, for start, I am curious about how come the Othorn got 7 dB more than the Keystone. AND 8 hz extension. I will also instal in a small Pub next month a pair of TH118 with 4 SH 100 with their branded Crest amps and I should see what they are made of.
  14. Hello guys, I was triyng to build a pair of Othorns before Christma2s but my plans didn't go that well because it seems I can't find nowhere to buy ( for now) a pair of 21's fron B&C or 18sounds. So, now i still want to build a pair of subs and I was looking in other projects. First I saw the Xoc's Th18 and then the Keystone which I like it more because it is easier to build and it kinda looks cool When I compared the Spl results from Walter's measurements I saw it can reach around 130 dB/1m GP and has a FR down to 35Hz.same with Th18. Othorn on the other hand goes 8Hz lower and it reached a max Spl of around 137 dB/1 m. Also, on the specs of TH118 from Danley they say it has 137 dB cont. Taking into acount the compression for the driver in the Keystone, at 1800 watts as Walter measured that seems to be a very real, easy to verify value. Also I trust Ricci's measurements so if he says his sub gives that Spl, it does. So, now, the questions: 1. Is the 21sw152 driver that much more powerfull to gain 6 dB more at higher freq than the 18sw115, even if it is tuned 8Hz lower 2.where does Danley take their nubers from? Because from what i see, the xoc1 design is preety much the same and it has around 6 dB less continous output 3. Is there a company that takes into account power compressio? Because I can't find any 4. Which should be better in a small space af around 300sqm beetwen 2 Keystone or 2 Othorn both with 18sw115. Paul
  15. Anything new? At least some teasers to keep the tension on Would the palehorn design work also with 21sw152?
  16. I don't know if this is real. It could be, if that guy is 5' tall and the shape is similar. I've seen another photo with M-drive 40" in a sub from Russia, but I can't find it anymore. But at a photo from their site, it doesn't look like that.
  17. So, Ricci, did you try to sim a flh or th with it to see what you could do?
  18. Yes, SI hs24 in a horn would be huge and I don't know if it can withstand a high compress ratio. In a TH the theory sais it would have a +6 dB gain over a ported enclosure. So, yes, it would be huge but also VERY loud. But the M-Force has a much stronger diaphragm (the cone for the 40" variant is 4 mm thick) and a huge of a motor, like 25-60 (i don't really know for sure) times more powerfull, so it could, in theory, be a very powerful midrange driver in a horn 0.o The price for the driver with amp module could be at around 4000 $ or more, but what I am trying to find out is what are its limits, what it could do, what are the benefits. If I have space and number limitation and could use maximum 2*3 DSL BC218 (this means 60" by 60" by 90" space limitation/side) , could it be possible to build something louder that goes deeper? It is a discussion here where the bass maniac inside me re-awaken because I've listened to a DSL BC415 and I tought "if there would be a sub with that power AND the low extension of the TH221 in a single box, It would be the clubbing utopia". http://www.diyaudio.com/forums/subwoofers/268269-powersoft-m-force-specs-now-available-3.html
  19. Hello everyone! There was a post on Facebook Danley Sound Labs page, where a Caleb speaker was on a truck and I've asked what if he would use the M-force for bass instead of normal drivers (8*30" instead of 12*18" or something like that). Ivan Beaver answered this : "The M-Force does not lend itself to horn loading-unless they make a few large changes. And then it would only be good for below 30Hz or so It is NOT just the size of the cone-but how it is used that makes the difference" I have read a lot lately about all kind of speakers and subs and I understand that in a horn,the bigger is not always the better, but I am always fascinated about exaggerated things and I was daydreaming about a (very) large TH or FLH with two M-Force and wondering if it would work, what it's specs would be and what would 4-8 of them would do on a large outside club with an olympic size swimming pool and enough space for 4-5k people (around 6000 sq. meters). Because on the PS Datasheet of the M-force they specify that he 22" and 30" can be used horn loaded and beacause I am just beginning to learn how to model horns (so i have very little experience to find out myself why it won't work) I am asking you to help me with more information,if you have the time to satisfy my curiosity. Thanks, Paul. PS: sorry for the bad english
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