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  1. Hey guys, Had to share this with y'all; MIB 3. Sheeeesh. Don't bring your subwoofers to this one. I had to check if mine were on. Reference level at the LP, subs (+/-) 3dB 4-100 Hz: Introducing; the Bass Thumbs Down Award:
  2. The results others have had who have W7 64 bit have been iffy at best. Since I don't use W except to measure, I'm not familiar enough with their glitchy OS (don't know how you W guys stand it) to field the e-mails, so I just say it may not work, which is true thus far. If you can give me a link to a workaround, specific to W7/64Bit/SpecLab, I'll gladly add that to the site. There are some things you may have to tweak to get the graphs just right, so if you do set it up, ping me with a sample graph and I can tell you what to tweak, if necessary. Yes, I would love the help!!! I have a template, so I will need: Screen caps. (Generally, 3 caps/film, 4 or 5 if the film is loaded with scenes, 5 maximum. A pic of the beginning of the scene and end of the scene. Time stamp of the beginning & end of the scene. Film cover art pic. Sound designer info. Re-recording mixer info. Max's PvA graph. Max's ratings. For title block info, I use: IMDb. Just google the film title with IMDB after it and the link should be at the top of page 1. The site will have the film photo, just drag it onto your desktop. Then, under it will be a link to "see full cast & crew" which will take you to a list of everyone involved. Scroll down to "Sound Department". Find the sound designer, click on his/her name and list other films they've done the SD for. Go back to sound department and look for re-recording mixer, click on the name and find films they've mixed as well. E-mail Max's stuff, the SCs, pics and title block info to me and I'll drop them into the template and post them. PNG, PDF or JPEG is fine for the SCs and pics. If I have the film or if I rent the film, I have it nailed, but there are a lot of titles I don't own and don't want to rent or just don't have the time to get to, so help would be awesome for those titles (which will eventually be any I haven't done that Max has already PvA graphed and rated).
  3. This is true for some of the titles so far (I assume you mean WOTW). I mistakenly listed the 'sound mixer' instead of the 're-recording mixer' early on and will update those title blocks as I get the time (it's a LOT of work posting these and updating them is almost as much work). On top of it all, photobucket has completely changed its site and I have the beta version which has been glitchy as hell. Archiving is one of several long term details I'm looking at. Just as Max has been thrashing a path through uncharted territory, it requires some do-overs along the way. I'm aware that there are dozens of people involved in the sound of a film, but when there are more than 1 designer or mixer, I look at the films they've worked on in those respective capacities and prioritize. Yes, it will leave some folks out in the cold, but my aim is to concentrate on the top names with the aim of possibly detecting a sonic signature rather than just a track record. It would be great if someone could do a sound department notes paragraph that I could add to the data for each movie by dropping the text into a template. I'll just say that it won't be me because I have my hands full with the data required for the format as it is.
  4. Yes, Thor on BR clips my interface in two or three spots in that ice planet battle sequence. The subs are level matched and flat. That scene where Odin appears and his horse rears up is ridiculously hot. It's like that scene in CITW but a wider spread of freqs. There's 4 spots in that single effect that are above 0dBFS on the graph. Granted, my settings aren't technically perfectly calibrated, but they're pretty close. With the DVD, it's no problem. When I got the BR and popped it in it blew my mind. On the subject of DialNorm, why would you compensate for the mix? If they use DN, so be it. I don't bump or lower my MV for DN, I just set the system flat and MV at 0dBRL and play the disc. That's reference to me. If it needs bumped (like the Transformer DVDs do) or lowered (like Thor on BR) I do that when I watch the movie as entertainment. But, when graphing, I set it as noted for all discs and that's the reference point. Otherwise, if I messed with calibration for each film, I'd have no reference and all discs would graph at the same level.
  5. Tron: Legacy and Thor are up, both mic'd from the BR. Cabin In The Woods has been updated with new Title Block & PH/A graph.
  6. Man, I have a problem with this. I have to get the BR and compare to the DVD. I mean, you have ROTF rated 5 stars for level and this one 1 star but in my system I have the exact opposite experience. If I don't bump the sub +6dB with ROTF, it's unbearably low bass content. Both my experiences with ROTF and ALVH are on DVD, so I'm starting to suspect BR levels are vastly different, as in my DVD vs BR experience with Thor.
  7. The gunshot in Ch 3 reminded me very much like the cannon shot in M&C (which we have to get up, DVD version). The movie surprised me because a) I hate vampire movies a s a rule and the premise is so ridiculous I never thought it could be pulled off. I liked the movie, the score is superb and the sound effects and mix are excellent. Not a crate of single digit but enough to add a great variance to the LFE and adding scary weight when required. Lots more in this one. I could have done at least a dozen scenes.
  8. Posting tomorrow: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer Put it on your list... the entire soundtrack is low end awesomeness.
  9. I agree, but the super hot 32 Hz run is definitely as powerful as any narrow-band effect I've ever heard. Re-running scenes from BLA certainly reminded me what a monstrous soundtrack it is. I put it up there with WOTW, HTTYD and TIH. My neighbor came to the front door as I was graphing those BLA scenes. She said no one answered the front door bell, so she was walking back and passed the HT where there are 2 dormers in front. She then just walked in the house and yelled up, "Hey, you have to play that again and come out here and watch your windows bulging!!". It truly is brutal, and yes, you have to revisit other top-tier movies because low end audio memory is extremely short.
  10. Actually, the color charts are far more accurate in that they show the peaks throughout the entire scene as they occurred, effect-by-effect, whereas the peak hold graph only shows the maximum peak levels hit for the entire scene. And the color scale is quite accurate once you get used to reading the colors with peak numbers in mind. Also, by eliminating the PH bar, I can fit more of a scene in a single graph. When you limit the scenes to 3 per movie, that ends up meaning a lot.
  11. Yes, sometimes the peak hold has not reset from the last graph. For each cap I have to grab the graph, send it to paint and crop/name it, snap a pic of and note the time stamp of the beginning and end of the scene. Sitting there waiting for the PH to reset is a drag, especially when you have a dozen movies to catch up on and losing the PH because you set it shorter but took too long to set the screen to a decent frame to take a pic of it just as aggravating, especially when all you have to do is glance at the colors and you have that information anyway. I believe I'm going to eliminate the PH/Ave bar from my caps, as I have in the past. This will allow me to use the dozens I already have without having to do them all over for the sake of the PH/Ave feature.
  12. This Spidey edition was fun. The low end was not a top tier level (for me, we shall see when Max puts up the graphs and ratings, which I will update the post with), but since there was no single credited Sound Designer, I had to dig deeper and found Distortion Music & Sound did the sound design for this and many other great MWB, which is the good that came from graphing it. The low end is good and where it needs to be. It's not filtered, with shotgun blasts and wind effects going all the way down. Max, AWESOME: Star Trek. I have tons of graphs for this one, but they lack the top and side graphs. Dunno if I'll do them over or use what I have, given the amount of time req'd to do each movie. Either way, it's on it's way, so look for it this week. BTW... I slowed the scroll speed for the Spidey/Lizard Dude fight scene to get more of it in the graph rather than do 3 or more graphs, in case anyone is wondering why it looks different. I'll do that from time to time rather than cut a great scene off partially done, so if you see the squeezed effect, you'll know why it's so.
  13. Updated post #2 in this thread to also show how to read the waterfall graphs, included a link to download SL and my settings and how to make the movie graphics for anyone who wants to learn and pitch in...
  14. Have a great one and, send me a post card. I collect them. Ping me for addy if you have the notion and time while down there.
  15. Updated TIH, X-Formers, X-Formers II. The new graphs are way better. I agree, the data is superb, the format is outstanding and comparisons make the arguments seen in the old thread obsolete. But, we have to get this stuff indexed. Just going back to find the posts to update the title blocks is already a chore and I have dozens more to add over time. They'll be spread out all over this thread...
  16. Thanks for the heads up. I'll borrow the BR and update the waterfalls if there;s a notable diff. Hey, also, just for kicks, here's your TIH vs X-Formers II at-a-glance:
  17. Max, I have to investigate the diff, if any in the DVD vs BR of X-Formers II. I used the DVD (don't have it on BR) and it is weak compared to the others and your findings. I always bumped the sub level when I watched it. In fact, X-Formers I & II are the only movies I felt needed bumped. I don't want to play different levels for these waterfalls. Flat cal, ref level for all of them. This reminded me of how I felt about X Formers II when I 1st got it and gave it a spin and the graphs I just posted reflect that. I guess the 1st Q is: did you use the DVD or the BR for your graph?
  18. We need Kyle. Is there any way you can format these results in an index with hyperlinks to the result like you did with the systems index?
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