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  1. Oh cool it looks alot like that gjallarhorn V2 fold I saw earlier. I may be imagining that. Man I wanna hear one of these things bad! Whats it like cranked @ 25 hz?
  2. Wow! how exciting. I've been eyeing that IPAL driver for awhile, its cool to see a diy design that will use it, especially a TH!! My pair of Othorns is still going strong as ever.down here :-) . The palehorn seems like a nice option for people who want to go a bit lower/louder than the othorn, but don't need the super low extension of the gjallarhorn or couldn't deal with the size/weight of it. My guess is there is one fold on the driver side, then 2-3 more on the other,....I wonder where the entry to the mouth is? Keep up the good work josh, thanks for everything!!
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