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    Many people has high order enclosures, wonder anyone took different approach? multiple drivers

    cheap decent drivers like faital 18fh500 or bms 18s430v2 100l sealed and whole front wall covered with them like 20pc.

    If not enough cover rear wall too. faital cost like 149€ and i believe bms could be around 200€


    Any thoughts?

  2. If you look into Ipal AES convention paper, you can see that it "can be matched to any high performance low frequency high excursion transducer, even though it's performance can be maximized if used in conjunction with some specific transducer" and I believe being a matter of cost and profit, it isn't always the best choice to make the best one can do, because for 3 dB extra, it is better for them if you buy an extra box than to spend more to use the best driver. ;)

    I never opened a MLX sub so I cannot know, but they definitely use the Ipal module controlled by their own software

    Yes that 2012 spare driver quote is incorrect, martin audio online list says 2ohm for the DLS18002  Driver.


    ipals are hard to find/expensive US imports here in europe, im using BMS 862´s and getting them some more because of england situation, 862 costs 423£

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