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  1. a lot of the action in the new Percy Jackson seems compressed. It's not as loud as the normal volume. The other tracks sound louder. hm.
  2. to me, in Fast 6, the low stuff seems to be in the music. Maybe one or two action scenes with a little bit in the upper 20's to low 30's
  3. Is the Bluray the one on the left and DVD (Dolby Digital) on the right? I still don't own the bluray but have the Dolby Digital DVD.
  4. Was "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" ever tested? I remember reading some posts about doing it, but I think you got caught up with too much stuff you forgot.
  5. I'm trying out :"The Mortal Instruments" and all I can say is, "yeah, there's some really good bass in this. I'm surprised."
  6. kind of wanted to know if the English version of Kon-Tiki has the same kind of track? Besides being 30 minutes shorter I was wondering about the audio.
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