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  1. GOE was graphed here: http://www.avsforum.com/forum/113-subwoofers-bass-transducers/1333462-new-master-list-bass-movies-frequency-charts-826.html#post44177354 They are saying a brick wall at 10hz. Wonder what the difference is?
  2. Is there an ignore option like on other message boards? I don't even check this thread any longer - although I am glad he posted graphs from 1978's Coma LOL I agree there should be a separate thread for these old movies.
  3. Wow! I bought this but didn't open it because someone said there was no bass at all in it. Looks like I will be keeping it after all.
  4. I'll take it!! I watched about an hour of it this evening and thought right away it extended deeper than the first 2.
  5. I bought this but haven't opened it yet. Heard the bass was terrible. May return it after seeing the graphs.
  6. I would be interested in seeing this one graphed. Felt like 25hz and up, didn't shake my couch or rattle my drop ceiling tiles like movies with ULF do.
  7. Cool, thanks. You know what is kind of funny? You used the spoiler function but when it showed in my email the while txt showed Not that i care, I'll forget it by the time I watch it.
  8. Thanks, so if this didn't have that crazy spike at 54hz it would have been rated down into the teens?
  9. Thanks for the equalizer graph. I see a spike at 11hz that looks like it is louder than anything up until 27hz, why does this get a 23hz rating?
  10. Thanks for the recent graphs! I knew Lucy went pretty deep. There are certain rattles in my room I only hear when the bass is under 10hz
  11. I wanted to check and see if any of these movies are in the queue to be graphed/votes on: Equalizer Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Lucy Box Trolls Planes: Fire and Rescue I already bought all of these but would still be interested to see how low they go.
  12. Has anyone graphed Lucy yet? Just watched it this evening and am thinking it is not filtered. Certain things in my room seem to shake at very low frequencies and it happened quite a bit in this movie.
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