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About Me

I have a genuine interest and find much pleasure in enjoying sound.


My background as an engineer in cybernetics, dynamic systems and software development together with experience from loudspeaker and electronics design over decades - I built my first speakers and amplifiers before age 15 - has made it possible for me to achieve a combination of theoretical and practical understanding for how sound works.


I have started several companies, and hundreds of marine vessels run on my software.

Expertise in dynamic systems and simulation, and real-time software systems, was the foundation for these adventures of the past.


Now I run my company Kvålsvoll Design AS.

I have recently developed several new technology solutions for audio and loudspeakers, presentations of some of my new loudspeaker designs can be found on the company web site www.kvalsvoll.com.


If you have questions or comments on anything I post, I will most likely appreciate your interest and feedback.

Most of all I enjoy reading impressions and observations made by others - how something is experienced, what made it different and exciting.

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