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  1. Luke hooked me up with one of the Peavey PVI Portable PA systems. I was actually trying to win one of the lots (Lot 39) with five (5) of them. If I could have won it with the price I had in mind, i was going to just gift them out to my more "social" friends for parties instead of suffering through them using one of those little JBL Flip Bluetooth speakers... Man! Glad I didn't win the lot. These things are WAYYYY bigger than I thought. I researched it and found it on Amazon here, but clearly didn't look at the dimensions... I mean, it's the size of a freakin suit case, rollers and all...lol. I'll probably bring it to our next outdoor party just to see how it works. I barely had a chance to blink and Luke had the item shipped to my doorstep. Dude, if the timing was a few months in the future I would totally scoop up 8 of those IPR-7500's from you... In the process of buying a house now...
  2. popalock

    The PaleHorn

    Anything with the possibility of topping the OT is worth keeping an eye on... Will be following along Josh. Looking forward to it.
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