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  1. Please forgive my ignorance. I really would like to attempt to utilize these BEQ files, so I'm looking for some confirmation that the setup is correct. My query is: where in the processing schema does the PEQ get applied? I only ask because the provided flowchart would lead me to believe that any (and in the BEQ cases-MOST) of the Low Shelf adjustments to LCRS channels under the selected Crossover/HPF frequency and slope would be lost due to the nanoAVRs updated LFE Management tab Would it be required to shift back to the "old style" of routing in order to have the BEQ filters apply and send a full range signal (no crossover/HPF on LCRS channels) to the AVR and have the AVR do the bass management? Like this: Any feedback would be appreciated.
  2. Tried a couple quick listening sessions after porting in a couple of these BEQ filter sets. Certainly more gravitas where it belongs. Regarding this implementation in the nanoAVR: with the matrixing and bass management convention, I'm not following why LCR and surrounds are provided PEQ filters. Is this provide for other DSP solutions where the bass management is handled later? Personally, I have a bit of an issue with my AVR forcing a steep (maybe 6th order) 80-120Hz LPF on ALL output to the sub due to the main channels needing to be set to "full range". Just want to make sure I'm not missing any important details...
  3. I've been tinkering with my nanoAVR since Christmas and managed to get a very nice in-room response. One of my main reasons for the purchase was also to try and implement some of these BassEQ improvements. Firstly, thank you for going through what must be many hours of iterations of filter application and listening tests! This kind of work is greatly appreciated! My question is based on HOW to input these filter sets (some of them numbering 13 in the LFE alone- see Guardians of the Galaxy BEQ) when the nanoAVR only has 10 available PEQ slots? More specifically: How can I add the BEQ filters along with my current room correction filters? (As info, most channels have around 6 PEQ slots utilized with REW supplied filters.) I attempted to reverse-engineer what might have been going on by loading the Godzilla BEQ, but it didn't help since there was the single/same biquad was repeated in 7 PEQ slots (per maxmercy's suggestion of cascading filters for increased stability.) Is there a way to stack them within one of the 10 slots? Someone care to dumb this down for me?
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