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  1. Its a done deal, there are 2 remaining as of this post.
  2. First lot of 10 are gone, the MOQ has been reset to 12
  3. Chris was just trying to see how far the 24 would go. It will be the spring before it comes to fruition. I'm considering putting them in sealed cabs along with the 4 6021. Save a little space and I can fit a 24 nearfield. This is hopefully the end of the road sub wise but the allure of buying new stuff is never ending, especially when the driver looks as badass as this one does.
  4. Met the MOQ for this, I don't have a end date but the price in the OP is done for anyone interested. I'll post a end date here shortly
  5. 1500--3000RMS, This has the same shorting sleeve as the vU, the magnets of the UHT are half the thickness of the vU, per Nathan and is where some of the savings come in. It's designed for HT where the vU would probably please a music only audiophile as well as a HT guy but at a much higher price. I have a thread at AVS for the buy and Nathan has made a few posts there. We have 3 solid driver sales so if you have space for one let me know. https://www.avsforum.com/threads/harbottle-audio-group-buy-24uht.3171779/
  6. Well I had a few people say they weren't interested in 21's but 24's maybe..... still crickets. Those specs on the first post are straight from Harbottle for the 24UHT.
  7. I've crossed posted on several sites and lack of reply's so I've changed to a 24" driver because it seemed there might be more interest in 24's. This is not a one note 20hz monster, models well through 100hz
  8. First lot of 10 sold MOQ is 12. There is now a counter on the sign up page so you can see where the buy is currently. $1891.23 Canadian per shipped anywhere in North America. please note the exchange rate is the reason is shown in Canadian. The USD price will fluctuate with the exchange rate. So it could go up a little or down a little depending on when you purchase. To sign up http://www.harbottleaudio.com/24vuht-sale.html Fs 16.76
  9. After running these for a month or so I'm still impressed at their sound quality and extension. They have some nice weight to the ulf the DS115 did not have and don't exhibit the distortion they did at Fs. I have 2 more to build and can't see myself moving on from these anytime soon.
  10. Exact same reaction I had with Al at US Speaker. I said you sure we are talking about the same driver, he was thinking they would be at close to Ipal price. He said yep, they said $749. I have a receipt for 2 at $1498 shipped. They were finished on Wednesday and supposed to ship yesterday, but no joy yet. They only had 10 baskets, so there are 8 left or maybe not. I know he grabbed 2 more
  11. Looks like price is $749
  12. Dont remember who, but someone is running a couple of othorns with the 21 ipal off a sp12000 rack amp. 1 on each channel.. Im curious if the 4000plate amp would would run a 21 ipal for HT use
  13. Any word on the street date for this
  14. Just checking, I sent an email yesterday and it was kicked back, I sent it again and it seemed to take. If you didn't receive it let me know. Look forward to hearing from you. Regards Jeff
  15. Dave, are you still building and selling the raptors or blackbirds?
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