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  1. Thank you Ricci, for your valious contribution and amazing cabinets.
  2. Thanks a lot Dgage for your fast reply, I will go for the 3X , I will follow your professional experience! Thanks Again
  3. If I understand right, 1.- do you use PL Premium 3X from loctite and don't use screws even for subs? 2.- Is the Loctite PL Premium 8x Fast Grab, Best than the 3X you recommended? Thanks,
  4. Jay Michael. One step ahead, Nice.😉
  5. OK. I'm Now decided to build the amazing SKRAM. Like always you're so helpful Ricci, Many thanks Mr. designer speaker genius. 😉
  6. Hi, (My first lenguaje is Spanish), So if I understand right: If not an issue size, weight, space do you prefer 1 Skhorn vs 2 skrams? Why? Thanks.😃
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