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  1. While it sounds easy, it definitely would be very time consuming.  While the process is now much faster, we are measuring many more films (well, nube is, I haven't measured in a long time, too busy upgrading the HT).  I used to have to play the film and get the SW out from the receiver when I first started doing this, then spend about an hour putting the data together.  Now it is much less time, but what you are asking would increase the time by 10x easily (true dynamics and level for each freq band, not just area under curve).



    Ah ok.  I'm not sure on the programs full functionality so I wasn't sure if that was something that could be automated.

  2. Not even close. My top bass films have to be watch-able, and more importantly, re-watch-able. In other words, it has to be a good film, or a bad film with over-the-top visuals and sound to make up for it.


    I can't order them, but my top bass films (right now):


    TIH - best overall bass film, IMO. It is almost too much, dynamics suffer.

    TF2 - best use of above 20Hz effects, tremendous slam, even more than TF1.

    Scott Pilgrim - no faults except nothing below 16Hz

    Rush - great film, soundtrack was perfect for imagery

    Attack the Block - surprising low end

    Battle:LA - another bass assault, like TIH.

    9 - hard to beat in any regard

    Dredd - sleeper film, great sound, tremendous visuals, could have used a better bad-guy cast, but true to the comics

    Star Trek - warp booms.....engage.

    HTTYD - if your system can do this justice, there is no need to upgrade, EVER, except for TF1 where Megatron blasts Jazz

    Thor - best mid-bass slam in last 3 years in my room.


    They each have something they bring, bass-wise. No film is perfect.


    This data-bass is an objective compilation, with only 25% subjectivity.


    The phrase 'how much total bass' is so broad it has to be delineated much more fully. The easiest way to see if a film has more 'total bass', is simply to take the area under the curve of the Avg graph for every film and whichever one is biggest wins, factoring in film length.


    Otherwise, it's just all the opinions thrown out at AVS.


    You cannot imagine how much resonances affect the list above, or any review anyone posts. One person's 'best' can easily be another's 'meh' because of it.




    I agree with you on those picks, those are all great.  What I'm getting at is, with all this effort being put into objective measurements, I think it could be tweaked a bit to give slightly better results.  Movies like TIH, battle:LA should be higher than Fotp and warhorse.  Resonances definitely are a big factor which is why I like this objective list.  


    Some possibilities would be measuring level and dynamics at say 5-10 hz, 20 - 30 hz, 40-60 hz and 60-80 hz or something like that and factoring that all into the ratings.  

    Factoring in the -6 dB point, -10 dB point and -20 dB points into frequency extension.  And then amount of bass in movies.  Movies with one really good scene can get really high ratings, but I think movies that have 10-20 quite good scenes should be a higher rating than a movie with one or two "perfect" bass scenes. 

  3. So maxmercy and nube, are the 5 star movies both of your top 5 movies for bass subjectively?  I'm loud and flat to 10 hz but I don't think I'd put any of those 5 in my top 5.  Star trek maybe.  The plane crash scene in Fotp is one of my favorite scenes though.


    I agree there's more to it like room and resonance, and I put "bass impact movies" in quotations because it wouldn't necessarily be that.


    I guess what I'm sort of thinking of is a measured system of how much total bass is in movies.  Something that would factor in length of the bass scenes and total amount of bass scenes in a movie

  4. Speaking of the 20-30 hz impact, do you think an alternative rating system (still measured and scientifc) could be used to generate another list of "Best impact bass movies" or something along those lines.  A rating system that ignores extension below maybe 12 hz, and focuses a bit more on execution and level?  I'm not sure what to do for rating dynamics, I find that they aren't much of a factor if a movie's bass sounds good to me or not.  Maybe even reverse the "star" rating of dynamics, as I actually prefer low dynamic bass.

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