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  1. Ah ok. I'm not sure on the programs full functionality so I wasn't sure if that was something that could be automated.
  2. Maybe some day.. don't have time now. I figured I'd just bring it up since you guys are measuring the movies already; to see if getting extra data was a possibility.
  3. I agree with you on those picks, those are all great. What I'm getting at is, with all this effort being put into objective measurements, I think it could be tweaked a bit to give slightly better results. Movies like TIH, battle:LA should be higher than Fotp and warhorse. Resonances definitely are a big factor which is why I like this objective list. Some possibilities would be measuring level and dynamics at say 5-10 hz, 20 - 30 hz, 40-60 hz and 60-80 hz or something like that and factoring that all into the ratings. Factoring in the -6 dB point, -10 dB point and -20 dB points into frequency extension. And then amount of bass in movies. Movies with one really good scene can get really high ratings, but I think movies that have 10-20 quite good scenes should be a higher rating than a movie with one or two "perfect" bass scenes.
  4. So maxmercy and nube, are the 5 star movies both of your top 5 movies for bass subjectively? I'm loud and flat to 10 hz but I don't think I'd put any of those 5 in my top 5. Star trek maybe. The plane crash scene in Fotp is one of my favorite scenes though. I agree there's more to it like room and resonance, and I put "bass impact movies" in quotations because it wouldn't necessarily be that. I guess what I'm sort of thinking of is a measured system of how much total bass is in movies. Something that would factor in length of the bass scenes and total amount of bass scenes in a movie
  5. Speaking of the 20-30 hz impact, do you think an alternative rating system (still measured and scientifc) could be used to generate another list of "Best impact bass movies" or something along those lines. A rating system that ignores extension below maybe 12 hz, and focuses a bit more on execution and level? I'm not sure what to do for rating dynamics, I find that they aren't much of a factor if a movie's bass sounds good to me or not. Maybe even reverse the "star" rating of dynamics, as I actually prefer low dynamic bass.
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