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  1. SME,


    No comparison to TF5 was implied, I was just saying that whatever headroom is made available, Michael Bay will use it, and clip it.


    Real Steel was not very good, IMO, film or bass...  the dialogue had reverb in it at times, so much so I had to check I didn't have some kind of 'hall' or 'cathedral' setting mistakenly applied on the AVR.   




    I really liked Real Steel, Actually the whole family liked it. To be honest I have not watched it in along time and did not see it with any of my current equipment. I remember it having some bass moments, but again I will have to pull that one out and watch it again. 


    I just picked up Back Sea. Any bass to be found in this one? Don't know anything about it,  just sounded cool. 

  2. Not even close. My top bass films have to be watch-able, and more importantly, re-watch-able. In other words, it has to be a good film, or a bad film with over-the-top visuals and sound to make up for it.


    I can't order them, but my top bass films (right now):


    TIH - best overall bass film, IMO. It is almost too much, dynamics suffer.

    TF2 - best use of above 20Hz effects, tremendous slam, even more than TF1.

    Scott Pilgrim - no faults except nothing below 16Hz

    Rush - great film, soundtrack was perfect for imagery

    Attack the Block - surprising low end

    Battle:LA - another bass assault, like TIH.

    9 - hard to beat in any regard

    Dredd - sleeper film, great sound, tremendous visuals, could have used a better bad-guy cast, but true to the comics

    Star Trek - warp booms.....engage.

    HTTYD - if your system can do this justice, there is no need to upgrade, EVER, except for TF1 where Megatron blasts Jazz

    Thor - best mid-bass slam in last 3 years in my room.


    They each have something they bring, bass-wise. No film is perfect.


    This data-bass is an objective compilation, with only 25% subjectivity.


    The phrase 'how much total bass' is so broad it has to be delineated much more fully. The easiest way to see if a film has more 'total bass', is simply to take the area under the curve of the Avg graph for every film and whichever one is biggest wins, factoring in film length.


    Otherwise, it's just all the opinions thrown out at AVS.


    You cannot imagine how much resonances affect the list above, or any review anyone posts. One person's 'best' can easily be another's 'meh' because of it.



    The only other films I would put on that list is Lone Survivor and Oblivion. Lone Survivor is probably my all-time favorite sound track. Hell of a movie to boot. 

  3. I'm guessing here but the new Captain America could be suitable.




    What's with the release date on this movie? I'm in Australia and we're normally about six weeks behind down under. Is the release scheduled for Sept 9th in the States? If so wonder why so late. God I look like a fanboy for this film. :lol:

    Seems anymore it is about 5 months for a title to hit the shelves. I guess it all depends how the movie does at the box office. Maybe did better in another country and ran longer and held it up. Dunno  :unsure: X men Days of future past came out in May is not due out till Oct 14th, however Transformers came out in late June but is scheduled for September 30th. 


     I just wish they would get all the movies on par and release them all at the same time. I hate hearing people talking about movies before we get them in the States. I am sure there is a reason, but I would like to know why. 


    Also, yes CA is supposed to be released Tuesday Sept 9th. 

  4. Watched Captain America winter soldier this evening and what an awesome bass assault it was. Will be buying this one and five stars I would rate it. Bass was very clean and outstanding audio accompanied it. Of course I'm guessing here and will leave the data to those more capable but I loved it. Couldn't tell with my system whether or not there was anything digging down really low but felt maybe not?

    Looking forward to this one. Gotta ways to go as it is slated for September 9th. I have not really seen anything that good since Lone Survivor. Hope this one is a winner. 

  5. Yep, Minority Report is in the 3.25-Stars list.  Can't say I'm a fan of either TDKR or Unstoppable (which I just measured and will post in a minute), but the ambient and surround work on Lone Survivor is pretty great. 


    I also have measurements of what may become the next full 5-Star movie!  It's not a new one, but I'll post in a minute.


    Yep, Minority Report is in the 3.25-Stars list.  Can't say I'm a fan of either TDKR or Unstoppable (which I just measured and will post in a minute), but the ambient and surround work on Lone Survivor is pretty great. 


    I also have measurements of what may become the next full 5-Star movie!  It's not a new one, but I'll post in a minute.

    The two movies I mentioned are good sound tracks vs deep bass which I compared to Lone Survivor. Good movies, good surround work and good solid bass. I watched War Horse, but I think I seen it on HBO and had to be on my earlier set ups. I have to re watch everything on my new system to see what I was missing as well. When my theater is finished, I am going to re watch my entire BR catalog again.That should keep me busy for some time, along with the new. :)

  6. Was Minority Report ever measured? Was a great movie. 


    I said it a couple of time already, but Lone Survivor is one of the greatest soundtracks I have come across yet. I have a couple that have been my tops for a long time and they are Dark Knight Rises and Unstoppable was another, but Lone Survivor just edged them both out. Sure there are hundreds of good movies, but some are just special. I really think the industry is just getting better and finally giving us what we want.

  7. Will "Edge Of Tomorrow" be the "Oblivion" of 2015? Here's hoping!

    I picked Edge of Tomorrow a year ago to be a front runner, I hope it holds to what it should be. I have a feeling that Tom Cruise is a bass fan. We got allot on tap this year. HTTYD 2 should be great, X men and Godzilla. I took my daughter to see Spiderman 2 last weekend and it was OK, but the thing on my mind was the bass that was non stop in the theater next door which was Godzilla. I read that the new X Men movie was great, lets hope it gets mixed right!  Looking forward to September for sure, we should have some bass delight headed our way. 

  8. All Is Lost (5.1 DTS-HD MA)

    Level        - 4 Stars (111.9dB composite)

    Extension - 5 Stars (1Hz)

    Dynamics - 5 Stars (30.24dB)

    Execution - 5 Stars (by poll)


    Overall     - 4.75 Stars


    Recommendation - Rent (by poll)


    Notes:  What is it about small sea vessel movies that makes for so much use of the LFE?  I dunno, but I'm not complaining.  This is a tremendous movie that has a bunch of very deep content.  It has a scene that nearly rivals the Olympus Has Fallen - Washington Monument scene.  (See below.)  While I probably won't watch the movie ever again, and it was pretty annoying at times, it's overall quite solid and firmly entertaining, especially with this type of sound mix.






    SpecLab scenecaps:











    I cannot believe I missed this. I bought this movie the day it came out and never watched it. Every time I went to watch it, we switched to something else and it kinda shuffled down under. I believe All is lost is on tap tonight. 


    Has Seabiscuit ever been graphed? I just ordered it, was a very good movie. 

  9. Elysium (7.1 DTS-HD MA)


    Level        - 3 Stars (107.54dB composite)

    Extension - 5 Stars (1Hz)

    Dynamics - 5 Stars (28.75dB)

    Execution - 5 Stars (by poll)


    Overall     - 4.5 Stars


    Recommendation - Buy (by poll)


    Notes:  Another great release for fans of bass in movies!  People who said Elysium was lacking for bass either have ported subs, terrible response that humps around 30-50Hz in their rooms, or they're deaf.  Or they lack a pulse.  Elysium is a monster, but it doesn't have any loud peaks above 22Hz, and the bass content levels are only average for an action film (about 5dB lower RMS than Oblivion, but with much better extension).  Elysium has an absolute truckload of content below 30Hz.  In fact, all the heaviest scenes are from 10-22Hz, but there's plenty from 5-10Hz, too.


    The movie is only average at best, but the sound mix makes it exceptional.  Great use of surrounds with essentially no clipping outside of a couple of spaceship engine effects that seemed intentional.  This one's got the goods.   I'd say it needs a place in your library, and if its not loud enough or bassy enough, either turn it up or get better subs!






    Scenecap graphs (timestamps in the filenames): 












    attachicon.gifElysium-1.39.14-1.39.34 epic sweep.PNG





    Just got done with this one and WOW!! All kinds of rare things in the house rattling!! 

  10. You guys are killing me. I had Enders game in my hand yesterday and put it back. Best Buy has been running some serious Blu Ray sales. Just about half of the Blu Rays in the store other than new releases have been priced at 7.99 or 11.99. I bought a handful of disc's I have been holding off on. Looks like I am running back out to get it. 


    As usual, thanks to those that put this thread together. This is my goto thread for movie bass. I don't even look in the other bass thread anymore. 

  11. It is a pleasure to come here and actually read ratings for new movies with bass. To much mumbojumbo at the other one. I go down to the store every Tuesday or Wednesday to pick up a couple of new releases on BD and this page certainly helps. I also live by the smartphone app Flickster with rotten tomatoes.  If you don't have it, I suggest it. Gives you all the info on movies in the theaters and upcoming movies on DVD. Ratings are pretty much dead on. Last night I picked up Frozen ground and Resolution and also got the Stars wars trilogy. Picked up Frozen ground because of the ratings here, but Flickster had a poor user rating. I was going to get After Earth, but I think it was one of lowest ratings on a movie I seen in awhile at like 11%, pretty bad, bass or no bass, not buying it. Thanks for all the info guys. 

  12. Iron Man 3 (7.1 DTS-HD MA)


    Level         - 3 Stars (109.4dB composite)

    Extension  - 2 Stars (22Hz)

    Dynamics  - 5 Stars (27.55dB)

    Execution  - Will Poll


    Recommendation - Will Poll


    Notes: This one isn't too surprising given the history of the franchise - they're not bass monsters.  Luckily, IM3 only suffers from a minor amount of clipping, and none of it is too egregious.  What is egregious is that ugly HPF starting around 30Hz.  The mixing team didn't even twist the knobs to 11 to compensate!  The punch line is it's a reasonably entertaining film with a mix that will leave you bass aficionados wanting.  It gets a 3 for execution from me, maybe even a 2 - it doesn't disappoint compared to the first two (which were both underwhelming), but it's also not breaking any ground with its $200,000,000 budget.  Hollywood: you guys can do a lot better.









    This is bummer. I just picked this movie up today thinking it might have some slam, but I guess not. However I have enjoyed the first two and I am looking forward to watching it, bass or no bass. 

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