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  1. When a motor in a sub is used the force or control it has on the cone diminishes the farther away from dead center because the magnetic force is weaker farther away and stronger closer. That's why distortion shoots up when you push a driver. Some motors like LMS have some advantages over a more traditional motor but generally all subwoofers will exhibit and increase in distortion as output is expanded or frequency lowers its just kind of how it is. Many sub makers have battled these realities so if you can solve it you can make some cash
  2. I'm excited to see the new tests.
  3. I usually only lurk here but Josh I just wanted to say I really appreciate your intelligent postings. Thanks.
  4. Edit: I might have been thinking of total system and not just the bass solution.
  5. Great topic! Generally I would set up manually. Generally I would treat room. Generally I would use multiple sub locations preferably both front and back. But I think specifics really come down to the personal situation. For example if I had a speaker with a great off axis performance I'd treat the first reflection with abfusion, but a speaker with poor off axis I would probably choose to do obsorption. Auto EQ blows, but the learning curve to do better isn't given away for free. It's a lot of info on each of these individual topics to get into the nitty gritty of why and h
  6. 40 cubes is just lulz. That box would be like 4 feet high, by 4 feet wide, and 4 feet deep. Where would someone put that thing. haha.
  7. Mfusick

    The PaleHorn

    I guess that means I need an avatar here too?
  8. Mfusick

    The PaleHorn

    Wow! Sounds like awesome project Josh, can't wait to see you put this thing through the ringer. Also, It's funny I recognize Austin, Scott and Luke immediately by their Avatar, and Dave for his lack of.... Lol.
  9. Or I guess you could do the easy way. Use a full sheet MDF for the sides, front and back- half sheet for the top and bottom. 8feet x 8feet x 4 feet. You won't even need to cut the wood... haha.... Slot port from another couple sheets. 6 sheets total. $35 x 6 = $210. But the awesomeness could be priceless. Port it at 13hz.
  10. You should create a monster horn for that bad boy with a low tune. It could potentially by the most epic single subwoofer ever made.
  11. any plans to test a few popular MFG made options ? I'd love to see how something like a Seaton or Orbit Shifter compares to a DIY project like the Ghorn.
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