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  1. Yes, glued and clamped with some Brad nails in some parts
  2. Not replacing, just adding and no, they don't really fit lol.... But that's never stopped me before! I was just messing around with their placement in the back of my room this morning. I won't be able to have them directly behindy sofa but on an angle, they will work (only because my equipment cab is directly behind the seating) but be a bit tight to get to my rack. It's only me in there 95% of the time, so it's all good. I'm in the process of figuring out how to EQ everything... Man, I with there was just a box with hpf/lpf knobs and that's it. That's really what I need. Hoping to get the Monolith HTP-1 once the bass modules comes out, the ability to run 3 independent subs with full eq etc in the unit will be awesome. I will be powering them with a fp14000 clone.
  3. If I didn't already have 2 x JTR OS pros , I would have done 4 right off the bat. Even the 2 JTRs in my room is ridiculous lol.
  4. Lol. If I had the room I probably would!
  5. Well, I finally got mine built! Lol took a while but life got in the way. I'm also just staring to do my fiber optic ceiling, so multiple things at once!. I should have the subs up and running next week. Drivers are DS115. Just getting duratex. Will be my nearfield subs lol.
  6. So, Im finally going to start building my SKrams.... my new room is finished and getting all the sub stuff buttoned up. I have all the pieces CNC'd. Is there a good order to put it together?
  7. Dont worry, Ive had my wood cut for 2 weeks and still havent started building mine yet! Lol
  8. Well, looks like I found a guy to cut it all! He have me a ball park that is acceptable, gonna get final numbers on Monday and hopefully start cutting next week! Though these wont be running for probably a month or 2, still have move and get the theater room done first.
  9. I went to 3 different CNC places locally.... all of them want $1200-$1400 just to cut the wood..... geez. Lol
  10. Lol, well I guess my phone doesnt like this forum... shows a single broken link, no dl.. went to my pc and everything is there... lol. Cool, Im gonna hit up my buddy and maybe we can get these done before my rooms done!
  11. Well, already have 2 x OS pros and 4 x 24s nearfield in the current theater, so my hope was to put all that up front in the new room. Ive got 4 x IXL 18" subs and 8 x buttkickers lfe's to do a BOSS riser and Im gonna need something behind me for face blasting lol. Is there a cad file I can use? I dont know much about CNC stuff but looks like that would be the best way to go on this one.
  12. I think Im gonna build 2 of these for nearfield fun in my new HT room.... Ibe recently decided to ditch the second row of seating and think these would be much more fun down behind me....
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