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  1. I would love to see how that goes (lone survivor) but Caps wont be getting anywhere near that below 10Hz content. Do you ever have misty eyes when you think about your old Caps Nube?
  2. Its amazing how many times I think somethings not quite right when watching a movie for the first time. Almost every time it's just the movie but to be sure I have to whack in some known content to confirm everythings A ok.
  3. I must confess to enjoying the Star Trek film a lot more after watching it yesterday. A few big scenes in there near the end. Warp punch sounded awesome. It was a while ago when I first saw this and I've got a feeling it was around the time I discovered my EQ wasn't quite right. Could explain things a bit as it was definitely a lot better the second time around. I had a similar kind of "meh" moment when I first watched Olympus Has Fallen. After all the song and dance on the AVS bass thread about the Washington Monument scene (which I didn't really understand) I decided to drag out the Omnimic and redo the EQ. I found I'd made an error in the EQ setup and was rolling off around 25Hz and missing a lot of the action I thought I was getting. I am only a passive sub newbie so I managed to setup properly second time around with rolloff around 17Hz. Then I could see what all the fuss was about. I'll have to put this one in a similar category. Star Trek does have some great moments indeed.
  4. Thanks Nube. Agreed there is a degree of difference due to the fact I run a ported system. Given that the measurements are quantifiable on all but the execution score, I guess the numbers don't lie. Star Trek just surprises me that's all. A Good bass movie but doesn't execute as well on my system.
  5. In the five star ratings I'm just wondering what I'm missing with Star Trek? I have the disc here (blu-ray) but don't remember it being a bass beast? Maybe I didn't listen at loud enough levels? I will watch it again but it seems an anomaly to me given the movies that didn't make the top bracket eg Dredd, The Incredible Hulk. I know this rating is backed up by measured criteria and respect that but the listening experience didn't seem to me to be worthy?
  6. Great! Thanks for that LFE man I knew it was a pretty powerful scene and makes sense as to why it caused my Caps a little grief below port tune. Never a scene that gets much of a mention around the bass parts? Anyone with sealed subs that dig deep care to comment on how they liked it?
  7. Thanks Nube. I've played the sonic cannon scene many times and whilst I've never noticed a flapping sound their (the Caps) execution of that scene is not quite perfect. It's only slight but just enough to take you out of the realism of that scene. This and the above mentioned scene are the only times I've noticed anything not sounding quite right after watching many movies and the most demanding scenes. I will try Hulk scene with the high pass set at 18Hz though, something I didn't try before. Definitely a scene better suited to sealed enclosures and not one at the top of my list for demonstration. I have dual Caps and use a Behringer EP 4000 bridged as well for the right hand side. The left side is powered by a Crown XLS5000 bridged. I have two different model Caps (2011&2013). I've swapped the two different Caps around yielding the same result. Left side doesn't make any noise on either scene so I figured it must be the EQ setting on MIC2200 for right channel. Dayton V2 used to measure response of both Caps simultaneously for EQ.
  8. Hey guys first post here. One of my Captivators made a slight flapping sound during one scene in particular the other day and I wanted to know if it was due to being below port tune. It was during Hellboy2 the Golden Army at the 14min.30sec mark of the film right after Abe and the other guy finish talking and the door gets ripped off then flys past both off them. I do have the HPF a bit lower than port tune (15Hz) and after I did hear the flap I adjusted up to around 18Hz. It was pretty much gone after this but just interested to find out. The lower 15Hz setting has never revealed a problem with other scenes that go below port tune such as OHF Monment scene or WWZ Grenade Scene so wondering what's so different about the Hellboy 2 scene?
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