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  1. Watched Captain America winter soldier this evening and what an awesome bass assault it was. Will be buying this one and five stars I would rate it. Bass was very clean and outstanding audio accompanied it. Of course I'm guessing here and will leave the data to those more capable but I loved it. Couldn't tell with my system whether or not there was anything digging down really low but felt maybe not?
  2. Homefront, really enjoyed this one. Great audio, some ripping bass moments and a good movie too.
  3. Problem all sorted guys. School boy error on my part. Rear backs are moved when not in use and cable banana tips (positive and negative) were touching causing the power amp to cut out. The amp was just doing it's job protecting me from my own stupidity. Ran the same scene without issue at loud level. Very happy again. The Behringer definitely reaching its limit although no untoward sounds noticeable. AVR trims all about 0dB.
  4. Awesome! Thanks for that Nube. Yeah it's one of those really visceral scenes (and the fight scene that follows it) which seem to produce a big smile when played at higher volume. Like that scene in Lone Survivor where the chopper gets "cleared to engage" and lights up all the Taliban fighters towards the end. For me an addrenalin bass hit.
  5. Any chance somebody could graph the scene at 46min:42sec of Underworld Awakenings? It's the scene where you first here the Super Lycan roar just before she goes upstairs to battle it and they all look up and the guy say's "what the hell was that". I watched this scene today and at considerable volume. It's the first time something strange has happened. Whilst my subs sounded awesome something in the chain "tapped out" during this scene. Normally I would have the ability to measure SPL but laptop died a while back and haven't replaced yet. Volume is at 70 out of 100 if that means anything. When played at 65 it's fine. Whole house shakes and I would guess I must be hitting around 120-125dB (possibly louder?) during this scene but not sure. Subs run maybe +3dB so a touch hot but again I'm guessing here that may well be +5-7dB. Anyway this scene causes the sound from my preamplifier to drop out then return a few seconds later. I noticed my Crown XLS 5000 (which powers one sub) clip lights don't come on at all. The other sub is powered by a Behringer EP4000 and it's clip lights go on full red for this scene which lasts less than five seconds. I've noticed the clip lights flickering before on certain scenes with the Behringer but without any issue before. Whilst I lose all audio for about three seconds the bass seems to be working during this time (maybe only through the Crown?) in some capacity as the scene is finishing. What an incredible scene! Seems like it's the Behringer clipping causing the shut down of audio and I know the Crown is a better match to the Captivators but anybody got any thoughts? I feel that the scene is close to port tune too around 18-20Hz as it's similar to the Hellboy 2 scene I requested earlier on in this thread. Edit: I will try scene with just Crown running to see if this makes a difference. Okay found the problem, it's my solid state power amp going into protection mode. The power cuts to it and the light flashes just like when you first turn it on then the audio comes back as it clicks back on. It's rated at a genuine 200 watts per channel (seven channels) and I've run things louder than this before so something must be wrong. Cuts out at 65 too now (but not 64). Does it without any sub involvement at all so not the subs. Probably should get another Crown anyway. I would still like the graph of that dynamic scene! Edit: Just checked the SPL using Ratshack meter (forgot I had it!) and at 90dB with no bass involved amp goes into protection mode. Klipsch speakers I use are efficient, 8Ohm load. A 200 Watt per channel Amp should be able to cope with 90dB level I would've thought? Sorry if a bit off topic here direct me to go somewhere else if inappropriate for this thread.
  6. A slow time for releases sees me catching up on movies I've had sitting on the shelf. Just watching Underworld Awakenings and WOW I am loving the bass in this! The Super Lycan scene has got to be the best foot stomping, guttoral growling I've ever heard. Her Uzi style hand cannons... Oh Yeah! Making my room come alive effortlessly great audio too. Not that this would be news to anyone as it's been out a while.
  7. "So bad its good". Agreed. How many films try (do they try) to pull it off and fail miserably? Will be buying this one I liked the mix so much on my Captivators. Loved the multiple sweeps throughout and bass has much variation to it. As much fun as you can have with your pants on!
  8. Oldie but a goodie. Transformers Revenge of The Fallen. Good flick and full of great bass scenes all the way.
  9. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer, weird title, weird movie, entertaining though with good LFE but nothing spectacular.
  10. Just saw Rio2 today at the theatre. Didn't seem like there was much there. Hercules trailer showed some promise though.
  11. Goes for a fair while and starts about three quarters of the way through the movie 54mins-59mins and 1hr 4mins-1hr 8mins. A couple of epic scenes in this awesome movie.
  12. The Iceman wasn't too bad for bass. Liked the use of music when used. Helped engage in the film which by itself is fairly cold. Worth watching and use of bass gives impact to the terrifying acts being committed.
  13. Going back a bit but just watched Kon Tiki. Wow! The bass in this was incredibly well done In my opinion. Epic!
  14. How come I can't view some images? It shows an image similar to a roll of film with photo bucket written in the boxes and "look who's popular" written also? Says something about updating to "plus" for extra bandwidth?
  15. Perfect one for the Caps! Already seen it in the movies and liked the film but went with my son and didn't expect to like it. Low expectations = Pleasant Surprise. Hard to tell at the time but bass seemed pretty good. I guess the figures show it to be the perfect theatre mix? Maybe even a touch lower?
  16. Well this is now officially my go to thread (I think it was anyway) given the changes over on the other forum. Much more user friendly IMO. Avatar tonight took me a while to get to this and I thought the movie wasn't bad but felt they missed a bit of an opportunity with the bass in that film. Could've been insane in some scenes but didn't deliver enough to match the action. There was some good stuff in there but at times you didn't expect it. A punch delivered more than an explosion? I didn't run the subs as hot as usual but still felt it missed an opportunity to be a five star monster. Great sound mix overall though? Also revisited OZ. A very underrated score. Some great bass scenes in that film.
  17. Good one. I rarely get to the cinema these days but Lego Movie seemed like it had some great LFE. On another note I would contribute more to the voting but by the time I can rent movies here (Australia) it's old news to you guys and the polling is closed. Sadly my post match analysis will be all I can offer.
  18. Adventures In Zambezia. Good bass at times but I just couldn't love the story or get into the movie. Bass seemed a bit repetitive also , not much variation.
  19. Terminator Salvation did the job last night. Pretty good bass with cool robot noises especially gas station scene.
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