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  1. For those of you who have criticized TDKR audio, have you ever stopped to consider that Christopher Nolan, wanted his movie to sound exactly the way it does? The guy is a hands on director, who is involved in every phase of the production, especially the audio. Nolan spent every hour of every day overseeing each aspect of TDKR sound, going scene by scene, and frame by frame. “When you’re dealing with sound mixing, and post-production, we try to address these subtleties for the audience” Nolan said. “It’s all really about building to this moment where you put it out there for everybody. And until that happens, it’s not done.” http://soundworkscollection.com/videos/darkknightrises
  2. Would somebody please post a chart/graph of the second shuttle launch (chapter two) from the IMAX: Hubble 3D Blu-ray. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zEc6CGb2YY
  3. I also was very disappointed with the Goldeneye Blu-ray that I purchased. The picture quality was horrible. Audio quality was lousy and not like what I experienced, when I saw it in the theater. The studio royally screwed up the release of Goldeneye on Blu-ray.
  4. Anybody do a chart of the scene in TDKR, when 'The Bat' starts its engine and fly's out of the dark alley?
  5. You need to checkout the UK edition of Terminator 3 on Blu-ray. I imported a copy and the Dolby TrueHD 5.1 (48kHz, 16-bit) audio is superb. Great ULF!
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