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  1. But wouldn't you rather have the capability to reproduce it when it is there?  ;)

    I agree 100%.  Unless the amount of sealed subs you can fit/afford won't hit your target SPL goal, have no desire at all for ULF or don't like the feeling of ULF I really don't see a reason to go ported.  I'm not ignorant to the fact that ported or horns have some major advantages over sealed wrt output around tune and distortion and whatnot... but if you're able to get the SPL, FR curve and low distortion that you desire with sealed, I really see no reason to go to anything else. For me? 3 cap S2's in a sealed room about 840cubes on a suspended floor?? I wouldn't trade it for the freaking world!


    And wrt new movies not containing much down to the singles.. there are still plenty that have recently come out that sound excellent and dig deep.

  2. Must be a different mix/disc than the rental I used when it was first released. I would have noted it and probably graphed it. Even the peak hold Nube graphed doesn't show that content.


    Hmm.. could be.. I'll have to revisit this scene again this weekend and report back.  It's literally been a year or two since I've seen it.  You have me doubting myself, Dave.  If there's one man on earth that could reproduce it, it'd be you. :P  I do live in south Jersey though.. maybe Chris Christie was hobbling along outside my house during the scene. :lol:   I will admit though, it didn't feel as hot as that graph indicates... which would put it somewhat close to the lightning strike scene in WOTW as far as level goes.. no way it's anywhere near that!   

  3. Hey I checked this scene out after you posted and at reference with the subs 15db hot I still got nothing from this scene. I have roll off below 10hz and although the content was there just nowhere near anything to feel it. My amp was barely flickering too which means it didn't see much there. Curious what gear you were running and how hot your subs were to feel that?


    Madaeel (Adam?) I am currently running 3 JTR Cap S2s in ~840 cubes on a suspended wooden floor. :)  I want to say when I ran this scene I may have been 3-5dB hot but I know it wasn't more than that because I always listen to new movies at reference, and the bass becomes overwhelming (to me) if I go much more than that. Typically, I run flat.  From memory, it was a quick "shutter" and then quickly transitioned to a "rolling" or "wobble" sensation.  It was just a neat feeling.  The "wobble" was quite a bit less pronounced than the "shutter", but was definitely present.  My FR begins to roll off at ~5hz and iirc ~5dB down at 4hz.  Measured with a calibrated CSL UMM-6 and REW.  I'm at work right now :ph34r:  and don't have the graph handy, but could provide it if you like.  I think I'll take this over to your thread to see if Bosso or MK or the other bass junkies on this site get anything out of it.  Besides, I've been meaning to congratulate you on your Raptors since day one... I don't think I ever popped in to say, Hello. ;)  :blink:



  4. Agreed^^  I haven't seen this in a while, but I remember the word "dynamic" came to mind when I watched it as well.  One of my favorite scenes for bass is actually one that's never really talked about.  It's after the very first gunshot, in the very beginning.  It lasts from after that first gunshot all the way until he meets Beatrice in the diner.  My chairs sway back and forth.. and it's not all that subtle if you listen at reference.  It feels like I'm sitting on JELLO.  I remember seeing a graph over at the other site.. it was "blips" of 3-6hz iirc with nothing else going on.  Very, very cool stuff.. It gave that very ominous, "sense of doom" kind of feeling for me.  Would love to see that part graphed if anyone has the chance..

  5. I have a few scene's for you Nube..


    Flight of the Phoenix (DTS-HD MSTR) 1:31:18-1:31:48 -- For some reason all that's ever talked about is the epic "barrel roll" scene (for good reason) but there are many good scenes throughout.  The gasoline explosion is great as well, but is more of a single effect so I didn't include that.


    Phantom (DTS-HD MSTR) 0:30:17-0:31:00 -- Probably my favorite bass scene in the movie, although there are many more great moments... this is, iirc, the longest.


    Live Free or Die Hard (DTS-HD MSTR) 0:11:41-0:15:05 -- I know this is a very long scene.  This is from the very first gunshot to the explosion.  I doubt you could count this as a "continuous" bass scene as there are a few short dialog breaks in between gunfire.  Willis' hand gun and the sub-machine guns have some serious weight to them. 


    A serious workout for any capable sealed system.  I have 2 JTR Cap S2's in ~840 cubes and these scene's put a hurtin' on my room running flat at reference.  Thanks for all of your contributions on here and over at AVS.  I always look forward to your posts.  More scene's to come.. 

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