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  1. Getting close, just have to screw/glue it all together...
  2. That looks great! Someday I'll have a CNC ☺️
  3. Great! Thank you Josh Gentlemen... Start you CNC Engines!
  4. Yeah 4 should be enough for now lol Picked up more Baltic Birch, the lumber guy commented "Oh it's you again" Have all the 32x36 panels cut and the 22.5" interior panels all ripped and ready to go. Hoping these 3 should go pretty quick...
  5. I got my dimensions by printing and scaling it based on the 32x36 inch area. Just too excited to build and jumped the gun with the ruler
  6. Big brother Skhorn is lonely. Will be joined soon with its triplet half brothers Already started cutting the outside panels and drawing the outlines. Josh, would these 3 drivers work in the Skram? B&C 21SW115, 18SW115, 18NW100 These are what I have on hand right now but will get more 21DS115 later if I have some tax refund.
  7. Exciting! Time to defrost my table saw.
  8. Ok thanks Josh. Size is not a big issue as it will be a permanent install. Will look at Paul's mods and go from there...
  9. Playing around with scaling it, see what it looks in Hornresp, but not sure if the horn path or ports stay the same. UpSized 27 60 36 Skhorn 24 54 32 Ratio 12.5% 11.1% 12.5%
  10. Yes the hatch was a challenge compared to the rest, which was pretty straightforward. You did an admirable job with the Skhorn simple and efficient layout. i might do a right angle aluminum hatch for the next skhorn, i saw in an othorn build at diyaudio.
  11. Hi Josh How much an improvement does 27x60x36 delivers? Skhorn is big, don't think the wife will notice an extra 6" lol I'd be very interested in building this if you have plans available Thank you
  12. Perfect! Thanks a lot Josh, will get another 21SW115-4 and go ahead with the SKHorn build. Go for that second SKHorn = Full Alumni Status ;) The 18's will probably go in your Othorns. Not sure yet how difficult a build Othorn is. I just found the SKHorn a pretty easy build.
  13. Just looking to use it under the weaker driver spec. Not more than, Xmax=9mm and 2400 watts. Would the 18SW damage the weaker 18NW driver?
  14. Only a question not asked is stupid. But this could still be a stupid question ☺️ While waiting for the other driver. What happens if I run both 18SW115-8 &18NW100-8 in the same Skhorn cab? Is there a risk of damaging the drivers? It sims pretty close from what I see. This will only be for home use. So I won't be maxing it out or hitting 125 dB with it.
  15. I have only one of each drivers 21SW115-4 18SW115-8 18NW100-8 I'd like to build another SKHorn Just wondering which I should go with and buy another of these 3 drivers. Would you say the 18SW115-8 is my best bet?
  16. It looks alright, maybe there's something I'm not seeing Not sure, why it did not make it to the recommended driver list Just curious what it is...
  17. I searched and did not see the 21SW115-4 as a recommended driver Just wondering if it's not suitable or is this good enough?
  18. It's a single house, 15W by 22L feet. Lots of room before but Skhorn sure does make it look small
  19. It took awhile, made a couple of mistakes, a bit messy but mission accomplished. I'm very happy with the subs performance. Perfect Match for the SH50. Next one should go a lot faster and smoother. Thank you Josh
  20. I have 21DS115 on it. went with 8ohms, thinking my inuke would blow up with 2ohm loads. It's ugly now, but it will be painted and speakon-ed.. Just couldn't wait to fire it up. Wife is told it's only the left side, I need one for the right side. After her jaw dropped, she just said, OK sell your other speakers and you can build another sub. Wohooo
  21. Just completed the Skhorn and just want to say thanks to @Ricci Never had so much fun firing it up for the first time. Everything in the house shaking and my 10 year old saying his chest "feels weird" Don't have much of a reference to compare to, only had two 15s before this. To say this is a giant leap forward, would be an understatement. Very impressed with the sound sonically, it's pounds, I have the volume at 50% with one bridged side of my inuke nu4. I had to back off or I start breaking my wifes stuff. Can't imagine how it performs with a great amp. Thanks again for making this available!
  22. Thank you. Sure, will let you know. It's just for home use, thinking of standing it up like a huge console drawer. Make it wife friendly
  23. Thanks Josh for this design, I was going to build a couple of Othorns but SKHorn looks more build friendly. I'm making one SKHorn now with a plan of standing it up (mouth firing up or down). How much space do I need between the mouth and floor?
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