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  1. 24 minutes ago, jay michael said:

    Made for a super memorable night, fuck going to concerts lol!

    LOL Completely agree with you there Jay :)

    I haven't posted much, enjoying too many concerts and movies at home.

    Gotta give kudos to Josh for his exceptional masterpieces!!! <bows down>



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  2. 3 hours ago, zolthoff said:

    Is there any requirement or acoustical impact to not having the holes in the upper front port braces?  I assumed it was purely for weight savings, but I wanted to be sure before I put the last side on mine without holes.

    I've asked this same question a page back

    DSL1 commented that it's just for weight savings. I found it a pain to drill holes with hole saws/or circle cutters so I went without it on my Skrams/Skhorns

  3. Yes, it's loaded with 21DS115s. I don't think it does 25hz the way I have it setup with all ports open.

    But it's for music only right now so I don't miss it, but I have so much headroom that I can plug ports and go under 20Hz when I get my HT going.

    Just loving the extra headroom. I have an extra Skram box in my garage planned for nearfield.

    But... although the wife is patient with all this, another BigA$$ NF sub is pushing it LOL

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  4. Yes it's a small room, I wish it was bigger. Agreed I'm nowhere near maxing it out to do a "meaningful" test. I'm liking the distributed sub approach though and I'm not going to have the skrams powered to have it jumping around. With that said, for home use 2 Skrams will be better than one Skhorn. IMHO

  5. Yes, it's a Danley SH50. Still my go to speaker for accuracy/dynamics after all the years I've owned it.

    @m-ms I haven't compared the Skhorn/Skrams yet. I just have all 3 going at the same time and it's quite an upgrade from a single skhorn. Crazy hard-hitting dynamics with all 4-21's going, like a sledgehammer hitting the chest. 

    It's a little scary with an FP20K on tap, have to exercise some caution or I'll start cracking/walls and breaking wife's stuff 🤯


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