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  1. Thanks Josh I assume I will need a soundcard for SpecLab, REW and such and did budget it in the build. I would like love to contribute to the forum with some SL caps when all is said and done.
  2. Nil, nada, zip on all of the above. Remodeled room that had ported years ago with no measurements or graphs. I still have to pick up measurement gear from Cross Spectrum, and I have no interface/soundcard with in's/out's, so starting from scratch here.
  3. Awesome man, thanks. I really appreciate it. Yes, 4 HT18s (DO 9.9 cubes each) & 4 Assassin 12s (DO 2 cubes each).
  4. LOL! Dude, you're not even close to being a dick about it. I just see one basshead trying to help another make the right decision If there's one person who I know that can help square me away is Paul. I hope he knows I'm gonna need his help.
  5. I hear ya man. I tried that argument a few times and won. But damn it, it's not working anymore. I just might do it anyways. YOLO! As the yougins would say.
  6. Flame broiled driver to go. I'd ask my guess if they'd like fries with that.
  7. Fp14k yes, A14k unfortunately no. The honeydo list became outta control for the next few months.
  8. Ha! awesome. Yeah, those 12s are for the nearfield midbass. I had 4 in pristine condition, so what the hell, they can join the party.
  9. Ha I knew A-block would have the right answer right away One caveat to that is how the convo started with the misses. She asked, "Why do we need 8 subwoofers again?" My witty come back was, "At least they're not ALL 18's". I'm still trying to figure out how to signal shape all of them at once, and would the A-K5R be enough for 8 subs pounding away. That's my dilemma. Dave! Sure a 6Kdsp paired with a Dash-V maybe ok for 4 18's, but there's no guarantee I'll see the kind of response I want due to the lack of power. I'm just thinking I won't have the headroom I need. (Can you tell I d
  10. Ok guys, since I'm close to completing this, I'm in need of some constructive criticism regarding power. I have a brand new inuke 6Kdsp sitting here and seriously considering putting it on ebay and going with a fp10kq. Hopefully someone will jump in and give some pros & cons. We have 2 dedicated 20 amp circuits JUST for amps with nothing else sharing them. The wife and I had a conversation about it today and she believes the inuke may not live up to my expectations since she knows me more than I do. She knows I put a lot of time (what little time I had, a year) and effort into this projec
  11. Black perforated marine fabric, and it's a pain to work with. Beautiful stuff though. Titebond III has too long an open time for it, so any of the lesser glues may be better to use.
  12. Waiting on Acry-Tech to send another gallon of Duratex, which probably won't be here until the New Year, but happy so far. *Warning on Duratex application*: I tried to use a foam roller with the spray-grade. DO NOT go that route, you will regret it. Here is The spray-grade applied with a foam brush, smooth and dries like plastic, which was intended for the inside baffle:
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