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  1. I've been screwing around with square waves lately and all the EOT talk made me go back and mess around with the intro of death.  Never realized how much distortion is generated by using a square wave for the signal. 


    Also thought it was weird how different the stereo full range waveform is from the re-directed filtered sub out.  I believe maxmercy posted something explaining this phenomenon in his 7.1 ULF potential thread.  http://data-bass.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/352-measuring-equipment-for-71-ulf-potential/?p=6235 -#76&77 posts.



  2. Yes, it means to use x amount of cascaded filters.


    If you are using biquad filter(s), like MiniDSP, sox, Audacity, and other software, I have found the filters are smoother and more well-behaved when several are cascaded at lower boost/cut than one larger one, especially at Q's greater than 0.7.  You can try just one big filter, but I cannot guarantee the presentation will be the same.


    What do you mean by well-behaved?  Are there oscillations or clipping or something like that with one high gain shelf filter engaged?  Have you compared the 2 in a loopthru using REW?  Or are you using the cascading filters to increase the order steepness of the shelves? 

  3. Sorry Max, I must have zoned out during the sequencer shot... Sonofabitch! You're right, there's no reason that I can think of for those waveforms looking like that.  Even if you squash em' small like that and stretch them out over the course of a whole movie they shouldn't look like that.  I wonder who else we can bug about this as far as getting an explanation.  The thought of clipped levels as a standard for any audio is painful to think about.  Not to mention dangerous to our equipment and for the sake of what?  Loudness wars? 

  4. I don't know if red means clipped or not.  Those are some ugly level meters.  I can barely read the number scale on them.  Is that a zero at the top and then it goes down in 5's from there?  Maybe that 0 is full reference.  I don't get why it wouldn't show anything above that though.  There would have to be some kind of indication to easily view if the channel went above 0 into clipping right?  Weird. 


    If clipping is indeed becoming something of an artsy trend, that makes me want to kick the mixers doing it square in the sisters.  A sound engineer who puts out clipped material is like a pilot who likes to crash into mountains.  I don't care who told him he should do it, he just shouldn't.  Oh, and if it is actually a director making the call for the sound, he gets 3 kicks in a row because sound is in no way his job. 


    I have watched in horror as the loudness wars has taken a fat crap on music in the last 15 years, but a lot of that can be blamed on how inept the industry is and how absolutely apathetic and ignorant musicians have become.  I hope at least it never gets that bad in film.  It will be like watching a 2 hour commercial.  F square waves. 

  5.  Filters? Not here, my friends, not here. 


    Hahaha, yeah really.  What's up Diogenes, good to see you here buddy!  I'm listening to Veronex Cypher right now.  I love music with low stuff like this D, keep em comin. 


    I've enclosed a shot of Veronex Cypher at around 40 seconds in.  It looks to me like speclab is doubling the frequency of the fundamentals on your end.  I've run into this before with speclab.  Are you running your computer at 96K?  make sure the settings in SL as far as the bit depth/sample rate are all set the same as they are in your soundcard properties.  If that doesn't work, go to the FFT properties and change the decimate input number.  See if that tricks it into working right.  Using REW's generator is an easy test.  Just loop your out to in and run the sine generator and open SL to see if it is agreeing with it. 

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  6. Hi everyone. 


    Maybe you guys were aware of this already but the 2007 movie AVP-Requiem is unfiltered and has consistent bass hits throughout down to 1Hz.  Here are some scenes (digital looped).  Not the only ones by far that go down low but you get the idea.  As an Aliens/Predator fan myself, I can safely say that this movie is an overall pant-load but I just thought I'd mention it in case somebody wanted to watch some gruesome violence mixed with a pointless plotline while their couch shakes.  :mellow:

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