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  1. I'm just saying that I don't predicate whether a movie has a worthwhile soundtrack solely on the bass extension. For example I thought the soundtrack to Whiplash was excellent but there isn't anything crazy going on below 20Hz.


    Pretty close match which doesn't bode well. It probably is a generic 30Hz rumble film. Hopefully it isn't clipped at least. I wouldn't call Avengers the biggest bass disappointment ever either. A letdown for sure but my vote for worst would be for 2012 or the Hobbit or even HTTYD2.

    Agreed. I can think of three films/bass tracks that were more disappointing than Avengers. Hobbit 1, Revenge of the Sith and 2012. Not trying to defend Avengers since it was obviously disappointing, but the three I mentioned IMO are considerably more disappointing.


    To say nobody cared or cares about the Hobbit films is also silly since there are obviously a lot of fans. Considering LOTR are 3 of my all time favorite films, I had high hopes for the Hobbit movies and even though they fell short to some degree (and certainly not on the level of LOTR), I still enjoyed them (especially parts 2 and 3). No doubt the low end WAS a letdown in all three of these movies, especially part 1 which would get my vote for most disappointing LFE movie ever.




    On a different note, does anyone here who can measure have access to both the original Casino Royale PCM track and the collectors edition True HD mix? There has been some debate on AVS on whether or not these two mixes are the same and one is just mastered at a louder volume, or if they are in fact different mixes. Would be great to put this debate to rest!

  2. Thanks for all the graphs Max!


    Any chance you could graph San Andreas at some point? Not that the bass is anything special (it's LOUD, but not that deep subjectively), but I am more curious to see how bad this track clips (if it does). I found the audio on this one to be harsh to some degree and the overall sound design reminded me of STID which is not really a good thing! Track just seemed LOUD and compressed to my ears, but I could be wrong which is why I am curious to see it graphed if you get time at some point. No worries if not. :)

  3. Curious to see San Andreas measured. Watched last night and I might be wrong, but it reminded me of STID and not in a good way. The whole track just seemed LOUD and the bass extension was weak. The bass that was there was LOUD and hit in the right spots I thought, but it was a fatiguing audio track similar to STID to my ears. Cant speak to the Atmos effects as I just watched the core 7.1 TrueHD track.

  4. EoT= Evil overrated Track......evil because of that stupid, dangerous/sub threatening out of place opening scene. Nothing in EoT is as fun and impressive sound/LFE wise as the last ~15 minutes of BLA which leaves your jaw on the floor. Just my opinion.


    Has Transporter 3 ever been measured? It won't be a 5 star track, but I would be curious to see the measurments since there is a fair bit of LFE.

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  5. Heck yeah, bosso posted some graphs.  That movie is legit.  http://data-bass.ipbhost.com/index.php?/topic/284-bossobass-raptor-system-3/page-23-bottom of the page. 


    Ninja Turtles Specs are on the following page posted by me if anyone is curious.


    Thanks for the Turtles graphs. I thought after watching most the bass was centered in the 30-40hz range with some select scenes digging a bit deeper to 20hz or so which looks to be close looking at those graphs at least. Curious to see the full film put through the paces here.

  6. I'll wait for measurements to confirm, but I think TMNT has a steep 30 Hz filter.  What I heard was loud but definitely not low.  Even Godzilla had a better bottom end than this one.  I guess that makes this another loudness war victim.


    Besides the lacking extension to some degree in TMNT, I thought the bass execution was excellent in relation to the on screen action and tone of the film. The audio in general sounded great to my ears, but I am curious to see it graphed as it definitely does not have the extension of the better bass films. VERY curious to check out the 3d now!


    Curious to see that bass sweep as well which I think was during the jeep/avalanche scene? Again, not the deepest, but very impressive and effective in conjunction with the scene I thought.

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