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  1. Considering that we're coming up on the 4th, I think Independence Day should be measured. I'd like to see how it stacks up now, probably not 5-star but it was the to-go-to film for bass back in the day.
  2. I hope Edge Of Tomorrow won't get filtered when it come out on bluray. I saw it last night and the bass was great, especially during the opening logos.
  3. Whaaaaat?! Honestly I've never felt how BHD is suppose to be because my low rate subs, but when get my new ones I hope this will rock.
  4. This is probably me...but does anybody have trouble breathing while watching some scenes in Gravity? It's probably just me. How long until there's a Atmos Home Format? lol
  5. I'd like to see someone put up The Fifth Element. The "count to ten" balcony explosion toward the end of the movie sounded like it went pretty low even on my measly system lol
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