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  1. Has any fine folks on this thread had the chance to run impedence measurements on the skram? I thought about using the skhorn measurements as a close approximation if none were available but it would really help me for sizing up the right amplifier. I am looking to run two Eminence NSW6021 (nominal 6 ohm) per amplifier and an considering two options: 1. operating a 2 channel amplifier in bridge mode with 2 drivers hung in parallel (net 3ohm). However, this would theoretically put a 1.5ohm load per channel (which is below the rated 2ohm minimum per channel) - that is unless the cabinet loading (acoustic impedance) raises the effective impedance to something more tolerable for the amplifier. 2. Purchasing a 4 channel amplifier and also running it in (dual) bridge mode. Here I would hang one driver off each 'stereo bridged channel' and therefore only impose a 6 ohm load per bridged channel (ie: 3ohm spread across 4 channels which is more tolerable for the amplifier). +whatever cabinet effects may impart on the impedance the 'amplifier sees' First option is a bit more budget friendly so that would be my first pick. Amplifier is Wasi W15K or W15K4 respectively
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