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  1. There was some discussion about some subwoofers that were linked to my name, in a different thread. Please feel free to ask or comment, and you can use this thread, no need to start a new one. If you go to my web site, you will see product presentations of the subwoofers I sell, and articles related to those subwoofers and bass in general. All presentations and product info are available in English language, most of the articles as well. What I am going to say now, may seem a little strange: I am not on data-bass to promote my products and services. Actually, I am not that keen to have a discussion about either products or technology, here. There are reasons for that. I want this to be my "free-space", where I can post and talk about things, and not worry about whether what I am saying is good for my own products. But feel free to ask, and I will try to answer. There is a contact-page on the web site, where you can find information on how to get in touch with my company. The company is also on facebook, where you can post public questions, or send private messages if you prefer that. The obscenely large "horn" pictured in that other thread has a story behind it. The driver is a 24", so that thing is quite a bit larger that what it seems like from a quick look at the picture. The origins of this design was that the builder was curious about whether a compact-horn using some 24" drivers he already had, was possible. And it is possible, but even with the chosen tuning it gets very large, and the performance per size-unit is not particularly good. The driver is simply too large. It is a tuning with very large rear chamber and short horn channel, closer to a ported pox with huge port, than a real horn. This design performs a little better than 2x V110 - but those V110 would be half the size of one of these overly huge cabinets. The sound quality, however, should be quite good, as there are no resonances and very smooth response in the intended pass-band, it also has a very low cut-off. He has built several of those now, and it would surprise most of you what they have replaced, how sound quality improved, and I have never seen any complaints or concerns about capacity. Which does not surprise me at all, and I have not even heard them. As for the question - why? They are too large, similar performance can be had in half the size, on paper it may seem like even much smaller than that using regular "mickey-mouse" subwoofers could do the job. So, why on earth choose something like this, even if the price-per-size-unit is extremely good due to cabinet made in construction-chipboard. My take is, that the 'I have a 24"' is the major factor, and combine that with the knowledge that when it comes to bass, the real thing requires something very different from what you find in the typical shop, price is low, and suddenly you find yourself looking at ways to make room for a couple of those small houses inside you listening room.
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