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  3. It doesnt perform as well as other drivers but it doesnt look horrible response shape wise. I compared my BC SW152's verse the 18LW2400. The comparison is 2400 is hitting Xmax and the 21 is at 8mm displacement. Only using this as a response shape comparison is all.
  4. Hello all, How would an 18sound 18LW2400 perform in this enclosure? I know its not the strongest woofer, but I would like to know if its worth it..... I plan to do some PA work and I have 4 of the 18LW2400 so I want to put them to good use. Thanks
  5. All of the outdoor measurements with the Ipal's are posted on the main data bass page for the Skhorn. Have a look at the voltage sensitivity measurements. There is no processing on those and they are outdoors. Really doesn't need a lot of processing. Throw a 25Hz HPF on there and set the LPF where it matches well with the mains. They run pretty decent up till above 140Hz and the response is reasonably flat, so anything below that should be fine. The rest sorta depends on the mains, amps, environment and bass content ( limiting, etc...)
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  7. Any experience of the fan noise of the Linea Research amps? I don't think you can buy an X8 even if you have the money at the moment as the electronics parts shortage hit Powersoft hard and they prioritized install. Powersoft give the following spec: fan Noise - 1/8 Maximum Output Power @ 8 Ω (1m) 40 dBA SPL, so if idle could go <35dBA at idle that would be fine I think to use at home.
  8. I think the Powersoft X8 is the only amp I know that delivers the power you're asking for in a small space with more acceptable fan noise than those clone amps produce. It's by no means quiet, but the fans ramp up and down very quickly and in the video I've seen the amp didn't seem super annoying at idle. The X8 does 8x1600W into 8R in 2U, but will also drive 2R and below. You'll get SOTA processing and features, but also a SOTA price tag.
  9. Another idea would be to use amp modules to make my own amplifier. It looks like I could fit 8 channels of this: https://icepoweraudio.com/buy/as-series/2000as2hv/ in 3U (needs space for heatsink on base). Hypex also sell high power modules: https://www.hypex.nl/product/nc2k-oem/79 At a lower cost I could also try and find who makes these modules and devise a cooling system for them: https://www.bluearan.co.uk/index.php?id=JMSQ10M#
  10. Thanks, I will likely use the SKram. Any opinion on pairing them with the PM60's for tops?
  11. Hi, Does anyone have recommended processing for the skhorn with ipals? I dont have the possibility to measure them outdoors and need to use a new cab this weekend.
  12. looking to reduce the size of my amp rack. Currently use 3*P7000S and 1*P5000S (Yamaha) which are silent when not operating at high output. Ideally looking for 4 channels in 2U that can do 2000W/ch 8ohm but as I also use this rack at home with low fan noise when at low output. With modern technology this should be quite easy! but it seems like the minimum fan speed on most amps is programed relatively high. So far I have heard the Labgruppen C series is quite quiet so that's a possibility. I wonder if anyone else knows of quieter amps? The other idea would be to just get a load of 1/2U EXTRON xpa amps and have a low power 'b' rack hidden away at home, replacing my current Yamaha amps with something like Gisen K21x4 which we already have been using two of for a year on a larger system and been impressed with its performance for the price but is quite noisy.
  13. Hey Chris. The Nero will make some noise but it has lower xmax, power handling and less motor force. It probably wants a bit more cabinet volume. Hard to say with out trying it though. The Mms is light too indicating a cone that may flex at war volume. CKram should be useful up to 120Hz giver or take.
  14. That's my bad PC. My inbox was full. I've cleared out some space. It should work now.
  15. It looks like even with 5 posts, I can send messages to other users but not to you. Potentially since you're a mod, I'm guessing. Could you please send me the first message so I can reply to it with my engineering coworker's email for the files?
  16. Hi Guys Has been awhile. Due to the AUD exchange rate and shipping the NSW21 and most other are bit pricey!! Have any of you modelled the SB Audience Nero? (see attach below) and would they be ok in this cabinet? Still looking at two per side and running a Powersoft K10 Also I was going to look at the PM90 but have just picked up a pair of EAW394 powered version in mint condition. Crossover select 80 or 110. So would the CKRAM be smooth up to 110? TIA Chris https://www.sbaudience.com/index.php/products/subwoofers/nero-21sw1100d/
  17. I think you need a minimum of 5 posts. I haven't been on AVS in months.
  18. Has any fine folks on this thread had the chance to run impedence measurements on the skram? I thought about using the skhorn measurements as a close approximation if none were available but it would really help me for sizing up the right amplifier. I am looking to run two Eminence NSW6021 (nominal 6 ohm) per amplifier and an considering two options: 1. operating a 2 channel amplifier in bridge mode with 2 drivers hung in parallel (net 3ohm). However, this would theoretically put a 1.5ohm load per channel (which is below the rated 2ohm minimum per channel) - that is unless the cabinet loading (acoustic impedance) raises the effective impedance to something more tolerable for the amplifier. 2. Purchasing a 4 channel amplifier and also running it in (dual) bridge mode. Here I would hang one driver off each 'stereo bridged channel' and therefore only impose a 6 ohm load per bridged channel (ie: 3ohm spread across 4 channels which is more tolerable for the amplifier). +whatever cabinet effects may impart on the impedance the 'amplifier sees' First option is a bit more budget friendly so that would be my first pick. Amplifier is Wasi W15K or W15K4 respectively
  19. 09 Third-octave-wide warble tones, 16Hz.wav 10 Third-octave-wide warble tones, 20Hz.wav 11 Third-octave-wide warble tones, 25Hz.wav
  20. I have been unable to do that for some reason, but my coworker in our engineering department has sent you a DM over on AVSforum! Excited to see if we can make this work out.
  21. Yes, this is outdoor ! There was a wall 10 meters on the left and a house 20 meters behind. The mic was at 3 or 4 meters, on the ground, centered on the subs so probably closer to the upper section than the vents.
  22. A compliment for a very cool and useful website! I would like to make one suggestion. The usability would greatly improved, if on the system page the top row with the frequencies would be "sticky". In other words, this row is fixed when you scroll through the different systems. Thank you for all your work. Absolutely love it.
  23. Yes I was factoring that in as well.
  24. Did you add baffle gain calculated in Edge to the hornresp prediction? In my last project I got the predicted response to be within 1dB of the actual half-space response, but I had to double the baffle size in Edge (maybe that's the effect of the half-space loading: it mirrors the baffle on the ground basically), hence way more upper bass than hornresp predicted. I'm not sure how this translates to larger cabs, but it was spot on with my single 21", a tad smaller than the Skram. Hornresp was also fed with the set of complex inductance parameters. I used the specs for the 21ds115 you measured. Same thing applied to my 1x12" sub. Model response was spot on with the measurement.
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