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  2. I always forget how lucky we are here in Australia to have 240v as the default. Not that i'm using enough power yet to max out the power supply anyway
  3. Did you do those tests yourself? How was the M-Drive set up, did it was an additional heatsink/ventilation or just the module by itself with its two small fans?
  4. ok bruv got you I can see the difference https://www.powersoft.com/en/products/amp-modules/m-drive
  5. The 3000pfc's datasheet states 4000W of total (symmetrical?) power output, which would underpower 2 drivers, let alone 4. If you wanna use 2 21ds115's to the maximum of their capabilities you will need pretty much twice as much as the Digimods are capable of. I ran my FP13000 unlimited&bridged into the Skhorn (4R) no issues (music, not sine waves). That's a bit overkill, but I'm trying to run 4 drivers off one amp, which the M-Drive seems to be a good match for.
  6. try check the DigiMod 3000PFC+3000AMP with this you can use DSP-D and DSP-4 and add the big heatsink , https://www.powersoft.com/en/products/amp-modules/digimod-3000pfc i guess this would run you a pair
  7. Interesting experiment for sure. My personal take away is use 240v if available. If you don't have access you can still get solid performance from 120v plugs, just ensure you aren't overloading your amplifiers with too many speakers. On 120v I run 1 amplifier per 2 skrams on a 4ohm load and can achieve likely 90-95% of what can be achieved using 240v. don't expect to get the most of tough 2ohm loads from 120volt. Of course with 120v you will draw twice the amperage, deal with more heat and that may but extra strain on your gear.
  8. Yea, certainly good for a no-compromises build for maximum output density. I feel like the M-Drive should be powerful enough to drive two Skhorns when you load em with 22ds115's. I think I'll buy one to test, I need a good amp with the Powersoft feature set anyways. And I'd prefer active subs.
  9. Yeah it's nice to have options and this should slot right in there with the NSW and Ipal at the top of the heap but unfortunately prices for everything have gone crazy. NSW's used to be available for $650-700.
  10. I do like 240v for running big / multiple amps. Just seems to do a better job in most cases. Speaker gasket tape FTW! I use that for the hatches, handles, drivers, etc...Always good to have on hand.
  11. Might be worthwhile if using the 21-ipals or the NSW's. Lots of $$$$ for that rig though!
  12. Earlier
  13. Finally spent some sheckles to have a proper power panel build to run my amps on 240v which isn’t super common up here in most venues. While subtle, things felt a little cleaner and tight and amps ran noticeably cooler. We knocked some bottles off the wall of the bar which was a first so it seemed to have helped https://youtu.be/rqMiTLL15s8
  14. I got this gasket tape https://www.amazon.de/dp/B0792JGC2H/ Easier alternative for handles: https://www.penn-elcom.com/default.asp?PN=H1105G for https://www.penn-elcom.com/default.asp?PN=H1105
  15. From a build thread - that's what I did around the handle area - speaker gasket IIRC
  16. Hey everybody, I am wondering if and how you seal the area between your cabinet and handles, cable terminals and so on to minimize air leaks. I was thinking about using some 1mm neoprene sheet and was wondering if someone here has got experience with it or what you are using instead. Cheers!
  17. I suspected that level of pricing, makes it pointless for me as I could get the eminence nsw6021-6 which presents a better load for my amps for that price. Practically however I will go with the B&C 21ds115-4 when we have the funds because in almost all our use cases its better to have more subs to form arrays than fewer slightly higher output subs.
  18. https://en.toutlehautparleur.com/speaker-lavoce-san216-00ip-1-ohm-21-inch.html
  19. where do you find your prices?
  20. What did you end up going with in the end? I've gotten excellent results crossing the ots at 70htz to the ES18-BPH running Fane 18XB drivers. They stack perfectly and let the ots work where they are comfortable and lifts a super punchy kick up to chest height nicely as well as getting your tops comfortably above a crowd.
  21. Well now they've got nominal 8ohm and super low <2ohm covered. Would be nice if we could get SAN214.50 in 4ohm though.
  22. To answer my own ramblings from 3 years ago, since I know better now and I couldn't just leave this as is: since the two drivers fire into the 12° horn in a mirrored fashion, they will each behave as if they were loaded into a separate 6° horn. Sawing the Skhorn in half will technically work just fine. Most hardware rattles and I think it would be really hard to keep butterfly latches under control, so that idea is sadly also a dud. And no more wondering what it would sound like after sawing it in half without adding new side panels: it becomes a vented cab with lots of wasted extra space and a really silly driver mounting.
  23. Wow, exciting! Looks extremely similar to the B&C in every regard, kinda like the SAN214.50 is to the 21ds115. Sadly only 10% cheaper, so not like this is going to be a game changer.
  24. https://audioxpress.com/news/lavoce-launches-powersoft-ipalmod-compatible-18-and-21-subwoofers http://www.lavocespeakers.com/lavoce/assets/datasheets/1636475255_LAVOCE_SAN216.00iP_21in_SUBWOOFER_E.a.pdf Bl^2/RE = 378
  25. Will do. Got some tolerant neighbours and a wide field in front of the house, but unfortunately my mic is only built for 128dB. Should be enough for those civilized measurements, but I will try my best to make it suffer 😉 I love this truck! I had it as wallpaper and all of a sudden he's wearing a custome 🤣
  26. Starving to see your construction pics 😻 hope you can share some audio measurements when you finish the cabs !!
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