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Amplifier recommendations for blown Epik, Empire 15’s please.

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Hi guys, new member here. I was hoping to tap into your knowledge base. After a decade the amplifier on my dual 15” Epik empire sub finally blew. Can anyone recommend an external or plate amplifier to replace it with? I’m willing to spend up to $700. Anything beyond that and i would rather purchase a new sub instead. I have access to a full woodworking shop and basic electronics and soldering skills. I would be pairing the sub with a pair of Klipsch Heresy speakers to get back my 2.1 setup. Any and all assistance and recommendations are very much appreciated! Thank you all, Nick  

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Inuke 3000DSP or NX3000D. Should be more than enough power and has DSP built in. These are very cost effective amps. 

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