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New website (beta URL)

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This is not really a secrete. We are converting all the data over, but please  check out our new site. Its a got a lot of visual upgrades and a much better compare feature.


The URL will changed do data-bass.com once we finish the conversion. Josh has done so much hard work, we are really grateful for his efforts.
If anyone has a passion for this sorta stuff. I'm would be interested reverberating any help we can get with the data conversion. Please ping me if you are interested.






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Just having a quick look at the Systems section, I noticed that "Horn Loaded, Ported" comes under the Horn Loaded filter but not the Ported filter - should it be under both? 

Also, the Active and Passive filters in the Filters pop-up do work but there is not a visible column within the table that details that information - should that column be visible?


Thanks for all the hard work behind this site! :)

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