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[Europe] 2 LMS Ultra 18" 5400 - Perfect condition

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For sale, the driver that's considered the best subwoofer driver in the world, the mighty LMS Ultra 18". For details, please see the data.bass.com review.

They were bought second-hand on July 2018, but due to several constraints, i didn't had the change to use them, they are boxed since that time.

I only mounted them to take a free air REW measure to confirm that everything was OK when i received them, and then, they were boxed and stored.

One of the subs has very small mark, as can be faintly seen in the first picture, but its very very small and without any impact visually or in performance. Besides that, both are in perfect condition, almost as new.

Pictures, and i can take more if needed:




Reason for the sale: I have 4 boxes build for the BMS 18N862, initially i thought it would be simple to change them to use the LMS, but i tried this weekend, and the work for changing the boxes would be immense, and i do not have the time nor the patience to do it at the moment.

 - 425£ - 1 driver
 - 800£ - 2 driver 

Shipping is not included, and is at buyer's expense.
Please note that shipping will be expensive due to the almost 70lbs weight for each sub, and i would recommend an insurance courier.

Prices are final, and extremely reasonable for this driver, please check the AV classifieds on AVS USA, regular prices are around 700$ each. Moreover, they are rarely on sale, so its almost an unique opportunity to get these drivers.

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