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Mattias Andersson

Othorn, a building story from Sweden.

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Hey everyone, first I would like to thank you all members of this forum, you have inspired me to build myself some speakers. I also like to say, thank you Ricci for sharing the Othorn plan and giving all your support to me as a diy.

As you probably know by now I will start to build Othorns to make my soundsystem complete.

We are right in the beginning of this project, the speakers arrived today and the building start is not yet set.

My goal with this build is to make the Othorns to look like the rest of the sound system.

Please feel free to guide me through this project, ask for pictures if you like.

I will gladly share this building project with you guys, you have giving me so much and I'll like to give something back in return.




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The plans are made in Solidworks. That is why everything is too detailed. They dont need to be down to the 3rd decimal. Some rounding is expected. Are you trying to cnc it? If not sketch out the path on a side panel.

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